One often thinks of a fresco as just a painting, but in actual fact, there are numerous applications for this pictorial technique.
Just look at the splendid lift created in an old farmstead in Brescia. It is an interesting example of the versatility of a fresco, which can be used as a decoration to cover any type of element, from ceilings to the inside of a shower. To find out more about this special application, I spoke with Alberto Mariani, co-owner of Mariani Affreschi, together with Laura and Alessandro.

Gli interni affrescati di un ascensore realizzati da Mariani Affreschi
The frescoed interiors of a lift painted by Mariani Affreschi

What difficulties do you face when creating a fresco in a lift?
The hardest thing is to find the right theme (and colours) that adapts well to a small space and that, above all, enhances the atmosphere. The decorative theme was chosen with the intention of giving the area an atmosphere that was not too overbearing.
The short distance between the observer and the fresco calls for very well thought-out artistic choices.

What choices were made for this fresco?
We used a light background in order to “lighten” the context. The polychromatic decor, full of details, gives a touch of class to the walls of the cabin. The observer is captivated by thousands of precious details, but does not feel “overpowered” by the work, on the contrary, they are mesmerised by its beauty and harmony, feeling at ease even in one square meter of space.

And from a technical viewpoint?
Special attention is required in this sense, especially during the design and planning phase. It is fundamental to make a precise relief of the modular sections and to paint various frescos, which are then glued onto the panels of the cabin, ensuring that they are perfectly joined together. This step does not require the work of an artist, but of a scrupulous technician who can accurately measure and “read” the context.

Un particolare dei decori: la scelta di un tema leggero e raffinato si adatta allo spazio dell'ascensore
A detail of the decoration: the choice of a delicate and elegant theme adapts to the space of the lift

Hence, a fresco is much more than just a painting?
There are numerous applications for a fresco in the field of “coverings”. Contrary to what most people think, a fresco painting is very resistant and easy to maintain: it can be cleaned with water and a cloth, just like any other material.

What makes a fresco resistant?
Frescoes produced at Mariani are always authentic “strappo” frescoes, which means the colours are “calcified” (in technical terms, “carbonated”) in the plaster and therefore, are no longer soluble. They cannot be ruined by water or humidity. The effect of light and other agents is minimal compared to other painting techniques.

La raffinatezza dell'affresco dona all'ambiente un'atmosfera nuova e amplia le dimensioni

The subtlety of the fresco gives the area a new atmosphere and makes the space appear larger

  • musso ed.
    Posted at 15:28h, 30 March

    Sono stupende, e vorrei in catalogo cartaceo per scegliere di farlo anche in casa nostra, ovviamente non in ascensore ma sui soffitti o parete

  • Giacomo Cai
    Posted at 18:09h, 30 March

    oltre ad essere una soluzione originale è sicuramente una soluzione da imitare.
    Ambientazione stupenda ed elegante, non confrontabile con le soluzioni tradizionali che prevedono rivestimenti in pelle o altro.

    Come al solito la ditta Mariani è sempre un passo avanti

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    Posted at 08:32h, 07 April

    Veramente stupendo e brillante idea. L’ascensore sembra così un’ampia stanza dove soggiornare e conversare in tutto relax. Un piccolo gioiello.

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