Mariani frescoes in historic residences and castles

Mariani frescoes in historic residences and castles

Old residences, villas, palaces, castles: places full of charm and history that mark the beauty of our Italy and make the world fall in love with us. Architecture that requires extremely specialised and accurate restoration works to preserve its value.

These skills are not missing at the Mariani company. Its team of artists not only has the qualifications and skills to work on modern homes, but also on places of historical interest or old-style new buildings.

Here are two splendid projects by Mariani.

Alcuni interventi ad affresco firmati Mariani nella splendida Locanda del Castello a Roccasecca

Some frescoes by Mariani in the beautiful Locanda del Castello in Roccasecca

The first is Locanda del Castello in Roccasecca (province of Frosinone) and the second is Rocca di Montalfeo in Pavia. Locanda del Castello is an integral part of the medieval town of Castello di Roccasecca and is enveloped by an enchanting atmosphere full of artistic fascination. The splendid stonewalls of the old medieval homes remind us of far-off times. It is the birthplace of San Tommaso d’Aquino. Rocca di Montalfeo, an old manor dominating Val Staffora, also dates back to medieval times.

Siamo nel Castello di Montalfeo a Pavia. L'intervento in stile medievale firmata Mariani

The medieval-style frescoes by Mariani in the Castello di Montalfeo of Pavia

“We love these types of works,” explains Alberto Mariani, “because they involve very special studies and research and allow us to contend with evocative and stimulating spaces. We recreate scenes in keeping with the era, place and type of building. The challenge is to create frescoes in perfect harmony with the architecture, and with the same impact as the original frescoes”.

The Mariani team is adept at passing from modern and contemporary works (like those in the latest Arte Mariani collections) to works in historical buildings.

Affreschi Mariani nel Castello di Montalfeo a Pavia in stile medievale

Medieval-style Mariani frescoes in the Castello di Montalfeo of Pavia

“These types of projects require very specific skills. For example, we reconstructed the battle scene of Malaspina for the Castello di Montalfeo. At Roccasecca we worked on the medieval-style rustications and on the underbeam decorations with coat of arms from the era, as well as on the aedicula of San Tommaso”.

This project called for artists with special painting skills and historical knowledge of the era, especially considering the dynamics with which certain works were executed in the past.

Castello di Montalfeo, Pavia: realizzazione di affreschi in loco in stile medioevale.

Medieval style-frescoes inside the Castello di Montalfeo

“In the past, there were no curtains or furniture, therefore interior decorations were used to furnish the homes. Paintings were for educational purposes, the images were a means of passing down the history of the events for people who did not know how to read”.

Let these marvellous locations “educate” and captivate us, which could be ideal places for a special weekend between history and art.


  • Mobilificio Rossato Giuseppe
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    Complimenti per la Vostra capacità di riprodurre dei capolavori.
    Dal canto mio bubblicizzerò il Vostro sito a tutti i miei clienti che siano in grado di aprezzarVi. Cordiali Saluti
    Mobilificio Rossato Giuseppe

  • volpe domenico
    Posted at 02:06h, 21 February

    Decisamente appropriati con raffinati affreschi nei luoghi armoniosi e sublimi
    Complimenti ! Apprezzo il vostro lavoro
    Cordialmente V.D.

  • arteko mosaici
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    bellissimi questi affreschi , sembrano autentici!! vi consiglierò ai miei clienti.
    Vorrei che vedeste i miei mosaici al sito se nelle vostre ristrutturazioni di catelli o ville aveste bisogno di un mosaico potreste propormi,posso realizzare mosaici moderni e antichi.scrivetemi alla mail

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    …..siete sempre insuperabili.

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    Complimenti i vostri sono sempre dei “capolavori” spero presto di poter lavorare insieme.

  • Svetlana Ushakova
    Posted at 16:45h, 03 March

    Отличные фрески !
    Чувствуется работа настоящего мастера.
    Спасибо за прекрасное чудо , которое вам удаётся сохранить .

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