“Sea view” frescoes

“Sea view” frescoes

There are people who have already left, people who are about to leave and people who are planning to leave. But the desire for a holiday in these long July days is everywhere. With this in mind, here are a few “sea view” projects created recently for some Italian villas.
Fiori, limoni e mare, una finestra di affresco by Mariani affacciata su un paesaggio di vacanze

Flowers, lemons and the sea, a frescoed window by Mariani looking out towards a holiday themed landscape

Most of them are trompe l’oeil paintings which decorate with subtlety and elegance the inside of residences overlooking the Mediterranean.
As you can see from the photos, after collaborating with the customer, the artists of Mariani Affreschi produce an initial detailed sketch that gives a rough outline of the painting.
Un bozzetto preparatorio realizzato dal laboratorio di Mariani Affreschi

An initial sketch created in the Mariani Affreschi laboratory

“In some summer residences,” explains Alberto Mariani, “it is very important to find the right subject matter so that the setting does not lose its fresh, light-hearted atmosphere typical of seaside homes. Our customers really appreciate the exclusive and specially made paintings of landscapes that become actual windows looking out onto the surrounding nature”.
Personalisation is guaranteed by the handcrafted skill and style of each artist and by the use of the original “strappo” method.
L'esecuzione dell'affresco su intonaco fresco realizzato da un artista di Mariani Affreschi

A Mariani Affreschi artist painting a fresco on wet plaster

“Our creations have been studied and designed according to the customer’s specifications because we believe it is very important to meet the needs of those who want to give their home a new face with a fresco”.
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