A modern fresco in the home: new challenges

A modern fresco in the home: new challenges

The evolution of the fresco technique has brought new challenges to Mariani Affreschi artists, such as the redesign and adaptation of famous frescoes in private homes.

When we talk about frescoes, we immediately think of royal palaces and luxurious period homes that we visit as tourists or see in documentaries, day dreaming about how exciting it would be to sleep beneath frescoed ceilings, surrounded by portraits of putti and romantic figures.

A recent project allowed Mariani Affreschi’s artistic laboratory to make this dream come true. Entire scenes taken from famous classic fresco paintings were redesigned to fit the smaller rooms of a private home.
The biggest challenge? To transform the pictorial subjects so that they could be appreciated at a closer proximity and at a “normal” height with respect to the immense halls of a historical palazzo.

L'artista profila i decori con luci ed ombre

Il soffitto della sala. Il particolare è ispirato a Palazzo Reale di Torino (Allegoria della vita umana)

Ceiling of the living room. The painting is ispired by Royal Palace of Turin (Allegory of human life)


A custom fresco in a home.

The home owners personally chose the subjects of the fresco paintings. Their sensitivity towards the spiritual meanings in some of the paintings led them to decorate the dining room with frescoed scenes from the Palazzo Reale di Torino (Royal Palace of Turin), including the “Allegory of human life – Beaumont“. The bedroom ceiling was transformed into a triumph of classic portraits inspired by Mantegna’s painting of “La camera degli sposi” (Bridal Chamber).

Soffitto della camera ispirato al Mantegna

The bedroom ceiling, inspired by Mantegna

Esecuzione decoro con profilo ombreggiato


CThe ceiling heights of modern homes – about 2.7 metres – meant that our master painters had to redesign the images and artistic effects to ensure a pleasant and harmonious insertion in the smaller living spaces. Furthermore, the customisation of the wall and ceiling frescoes allowed inserting some decorative cameos requested by the owners. These included small clues, such as the initials on the cover of a book held by a putto, or a book inscription, which makes the painting more personal and unique.

During the design and customisation phase, it was decided to preserve the existing structural elements in plaster on the ceiling, such as cornices and rosettes. The rosettes were embellished by the application of golf leaf and became one with the fresco painting.

Al centro del soffitto è posto rosone in gesso dorato a foglia

Modern fresco: a daily source of pleasure for everyone.

The painting activity involved a team of highly qualified painters who worked directly at the customer’s home, with minimal disturbance and without disrupting the family’s daily activities.

Artistic sensibility and beauty found room in a modern home, where the design skills of our fresco painters made these paintings a daily source of pleasure.

The fresco can now bring pleasure to everyone, even in small and intimate spaces like our home.

L'artista profila i decori con luci ed ombre

Il soffitto della sala. L'artista dipinge le figure femminili a mano libera ispirandosi all'originale


L'affresco dipinto in sala è stato ispirato all' "Allegoria della vita umana", presente a Palazzo Reale (Torino)


L'affresco in sala, dipinto dagli artisti di Mariani Affreschi

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