A fresco on a frame and on a canvas: how is it done?

A fresco on a frame and on a canvas: how is it done?

An important thing to know when buying a fresco for your home or office is the difference between a fresco on a frame (to hang) or on a canvas (to glue to the wall). To understand this difference here is a short interview with Alberto Mariani.

Uno splendido esempio di un affresco appeso alla parete firmato Mariani Affreschi

A beautiful example of a wall fresco by Mariani Affreschi

1) What methods can be used to bring a fresco into a home?
There are two solutions: the first is to hang the fresco on a frame, like a normal painting, and the second is to glue the fresco directly onto the wall like wallpaper.
2) Let’s start with a fresco on a frame…
The fresco can be mounted on a wooden frame, with personalised measurements, so that can be hung on the wall, just like a normal painting. It can be easily positioned and then moved to another room, wall or setting.
3) Instead, if we want to glue the fresco to a wall, how is this done?
Wall glue is supplied with the fresco, such as Saxit (Henkel). Alternatively, any kind of acrylic glue for wall tiles will do. Spread the glue on the back of the fresco with a toothed spatula, covering the entire surface. We recommend sandpapering the surface of the wall beforehand to help the gluing process. The fresco is then ready to be glued.

Anche l'ambiente bagno può essere arricchito con un affresco su tela: ecco un esempio by Mariani

Even the bathroom can be decorated with a fresco on a frame: here is an example by Mariani

4) What tips can you give us for gluing the fresco to a wall?
Firstly, I recommended marking the ends of the fresco with a pencil on the wall. Then rest the canvas against the wall, making it stick in every point, going from one side to the other (or from top to bottom). As it sticks, press the fresco with a roller from the centre outwards.
It is important to remove any air bubbles entrapped between the canvas and the wall.
5) Can a frame be added to the fresco?
Yes, a plaster frame can be applied to the fresco as an additional decoration. It is just as simple and quick to glue as the fresco.

In una villa privata due bellissimi affreschi su telaio rendono magica l'atmosfera della sala da pranzo

Two beautiful canvas frescoes bring a magical atmosphere to the dining room of this private villa

6) What are the pros and cons of the two options?
The fresco on a frame can be removed and relocated at any time, unlike the canvas fresco which is difficult to move. On the other hand, a fresco glued to the wall creates a beautiful and realist effect, with an authentic look.
Whether you prefer gluing the fresco to a wall or hanging it like a painting, the final effect will certainly be extremely elegant and beautiful, in keeping with the traditional style of the fresco and the house in which it is inserted.
Gli affreschi possono arredare anche un lungo corridoio come questo

Frescoes can even decorate a long corridor like this one

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