Arte Mariani, art for everyone

Arte Mariani, art for everyone

A solution to meet the needs of those who want a certified artistic reproduction in their home, but cannot afford an original.
The new ArteMariani collection, which we discussed in previous articles, was a big hit at the latest Milan fair. This is a real innovation for the Brescian company that specialises in authentic frescoes.
La tigre della collezione Arte Mariani

A tiger from the Arte Mariani collection

We had a chat with the Mariani brothers to find out how the collection was born and how it differs from what they have been doing up to now.
What is the style of ArteMariani?
The classic collection has been joined by brand new subjects with a contemporary style that appeal to a younger clientele and offer new home decorating solutions.
What is the execution technique?
While traditional frescoes, the heart of our production, are created one by one with the authentic “strappo” method, the  ArteMariani works are replicas made in a numbered series with an innovative technique, using canvases with a frescoed base applied by hand.

Apollo e Dafne, un'opera classica che rivive nel delicato contrasto del bianco e nero, tra luci e ombre

Apollo and Daphne, a classic painting that comes alive in the delicate black and white contrast, between light and shade

Therefore, it starts with a unique hand-painted model that is used to create the subsequent works, which are a faithful reproduction of the original?
That’s right. The canvas on which the image is transferred is always prepared by hand with a gypsum base coat. The material effect is very impressive.
Are the works finished by hand?
Yes. Some subjects also come in gold or silver versions with manual leaf application and possibly an “antique” or “mecca” finish.

Il principe, uno dei pezzi più apprezzati dal pubblico

The prince, one of the most popular pieces

These works are therefore more accessible, even in terms of price, than an authentic strappo fresco painting?
Of course, although the artistic care is always the same on all our works.

Un ramo di primavera, le nuove espressioni di Arte Mariani

A spring branch, the new expressions by Arte Mariani

However, Mariani Affreschi is still your historical brand?
Our artistic laboratory, which creates authentic hand-painted frescoes by art masters every day, will continue to create exclusive custom-made works for satisfying any type of personalisation request.
Frescoes for villas, ceilings, wall panelling, pools, public areas: we work in Italy and all over the world to promote the value of the authentic Italian artistic tradition loved by art lovers everywhere.

Un artista del laboratorio Mariani al lavoro durante la fase di decorazione foglia oro

An artist from the Mariani laboratory at work on a ceiling gold leaf decoration

  • papp
    Posted at 13:21h, 26 October

    Hello vous ai deja contacté …
    pour mon magasin de deco je voulais avoir une idee des tarifs concernant certaines de vos toile …en grande dimension …
    je n’ai pas eu de reponse ..voici pourquoi je ne vous ai pas encore commandé de produits…
    entre autre me semble que je suis inscrit sur votre site impossible de rentrer mot de passe ..

  • Vitaly Pavlenko
    Posted at 09:19h, 31 January

    Здравствуйте!Меня интересует цена, срок изготовления и поставки фрески AM022 – Libellula (single panel) 90x130cm. Спасибо!

  • Gigi
    Posted at 20:47h, 28 November

    Salve, vorrei cortesemente avere informazioni sul prezzo di un affresco tratto da una mia foto con la seguente misura: 150cm x 150cm.
    In attesa, grazie fin d’ora e cordiali saluti.

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