They are strong and intense, and jump out of the painting to captivate your heart and soul.
Here is a preview of the new works from Mariani, a very special collection coming from an intricate work performed by an artist of the Brescian Company.

Ecco un'opera delle nuova collezione Mariani. Il viso del condottiero romano esce dal quadro e arriva a noi con tutta la sua storia e la sua intensità.

This is a work from the new Mariani Collection. The face of the Roman “condottiero” jumps out of the painting with all its history and intensity

“After a long search and drawing inspiration from his many travels and experiences,” explains Laura Mariani, “our artist created this new collection that will be presented at the “Abitare il Tempo” exhibition of Verona in September. Some of these new works were inspired on African votive statues, while others depict animals, giant faces of men and women, historical people, and “condottieri” (mercenary captains), recounting their spirit and soul, conveying to observers a new message steeped in art and spirituality.”
With this collection, Mariani Affreschi opens a new window on the world of art and urges us to reflect on some important points. The painting in these fascinating works no longer simply represents an image, but speaks to us through the eyes, expressions, positions and emotions of the subject.

Lo sguardo tra un uomo e una donna, un'opera di grandissima intensità emotiva e spirituale della nuova collezione Mariani

The look between a man and woman, a painting filled with extreme emotive and spiritual intensity from the new Mariani collection

“These works,” continues Laura Mariani, “have the ability to evoke different emotions and feelings depending on the mood of the observer. The artist’s choice to portray some details, rather than others, characterises each work. They are pieces that stimulate and communicate a new sense of art. The giant faces of the condottieri bring us back to the past, allowing us to experience a new time dimension. Some depictions inspired by African votive statues are infused with spirituality and pathos. The faces of the women, with their eyes full of emotion, do not leave observers indifferent, but penetrate their soul.”
They convey a precious message, and a precious technique was also used to make them. Most of these paintings were created by applying a gold leaf base and covering it with layers of painting that allow giving shape and sense to the figure.
Each work is beautiful on the inside and on the outside because they focus on the search for the soul and inner self.

Si ispira a una statua votiva africana questa splendida opera realizzata da un artista di Mariani per la nuova collezione

This work is inspired by an African votive statue created by a Mariani artist for the new collection

They penetrate into places where no one has ever arrived and remind us of the real sense of art and humanity. Man is constantly searching for spirituality, and art is one of the “foods” of our soul. In order for a painting, a subject, or a work to have strength, it must carry a cultural message: that’s why there are giant portraits of condottieri and important people of the past, faces of women who embody the maternal origins of everything, the melancholy and vivid eyes, which interrogate us on the meaning of our lives and search for an answer, a thrill, an emotion.
  • pier giorgio gaiardoni
    Posted at 06:24h, 31 July

    Buon giorno, ho ricevuto la vostra comunicazione alcune volte. Sono un consulente di GAIA NETWORK . Si tratta di un nuovo tipo di distribuzione di prodotti pe l’arredo in edilizia di alta gamma (siamo solo all’inizio ).Penso che sarebbe interessante avere i vostri prodotti nell’archivio prodotti GAIA. E’ possibile?

  • tonino
    Posted at 10:09h, 31 July

    Paiono molto belli, spero di poter venire a Verona a vederle.

    Posted at 11:50h, 31 July

    Complimenti per le Vostre nuove Creazioni- Opere.
    Presto Vi chiedero’ qualche preventivo.
    Grazie come sempre per riempirci lo sguardo di cose belle.
    Antonio Basenghi
    via del duomo, 11
    02100 Rieti (Ri)

  • MC studio
    Posted at 14:50h, 02 August

    avete saputo dare a queste opere un taglio
    tutt’altro che scontato, proposto, poi, con
    uno stile che le colloca almeno una spanna al di sopra della corrente raffigurativa sul tema.

  • marinella caracciolo
    Posted at 09:22h, 04 August

    Ho già acquistato da voi in passato, devo farvi i complimenti perchè questi affreschi sono stupendi!

  • camina
    Posted at 09:08h, 10 August

    ….continuo ad ammirare le vostre “opere”
    non sono mai scontate.

  • sara ceramiche
    Posted at 17:14h, 10 August

    buona sera sig.ra Laura
    complimenti, per la capacita’
    di trasmettere emozioni e sensazioni sempre
    piu’ profonde.
    sono interessata a “lo sguardo tra un’uomo
    e una donna”, appena possibile ci sentiamo
    per un preventivo.
    La collezione e’ bellissima speriamo di fare
    un’ottimo lavoro insieme.
    Cordiali saluti
    elena lauria

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