Site-specific decorations in the World

Site-specific decorations in the World

Mariani Affreschi sets-up and prepares real artistic job sites to reach all its customers

The tradition of the fresco has always been highly appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad, where Italian artists are considered a guarantee of quality and refinement.

Our team of artists is made up entirely of professionals in the field, experts in the painting and decorative techniques that have made our cultural heritage famous and envied all over the world.


Traditional ceiling decoration

Overview of the gilding of a ceiling

Symbolic descendants of Art Masters of past centuries, the Mariani Affreschi team has been called upon to decorate ceilings, rooms, houses, palazzos, and villas throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East, in exclusive locations and environments where sober Neoclassical aesthetics and the lively 18th century Rococo taste are both in great demand.

The contrast between white and gold leaf enhances the three-dimensional effect of the figures

Decorating sessions carried out on scaffolding

Detail of an 18th century inspired decoration

After agreeing on the details of the custom project with our customer, we start with an “artistic transfer” that can last for weeks, the time needed to make all the decorations by hand.

Preparatory sketches, essential for planning the decorations

From the dusting of the ceiling to the addition of colour

The gilding of the furnishings, ceiling stuccoes and wall cornices are also carried out on site, and a real construction site is set up with imposing scaffolding that allows our artists to reach even the highest volutes.

Mariani job site in Arabia

Our artists on the job site

Each member of the team has his or her own specific task, so that the project is carried out diligently and safely.

This allows creating synergies and collaborations on the job site, which are essential for obtaining wall decorations of the highest artistic quality.

Application of gold leaf directly on the ceiling

Team Mariani Affreschi

Grotesques, trompe l’oeil perspective illusions that “breakthrough” the walls and gold-leaf finishes are among the most requested subjects, able to give rooms and ceilings airiness and character, the right combination between elegance and the desire to enrich the space with exclusive and unique artistic decorations by Mariani Affreschi.

Grotesque and silver leaf

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