Artistic decorations and gilding in Azerbaijan

Artistic decorations and gilding in Azerbaijan

A villa on the Caspian Sea beautifully decorated by Mariani Affreschi

Mariani Affreschi’s experience over the years has allowed it to develop important collaborations with architects from all over the world, successfully bringing the real “Made In Italy” and its distinctive quality to the most diverse architectural projects.

This is the case of this Villa on the banks of the Caspian Sea, a large private residence embellished with gold leaf details and pictorial decorations executed directly on site.


Preparatory sketch

Mariani Affreschi collaborated with the Tel Aviv-based Oded Halaf architecture firm to create sumptuous ceiling paintings inspired by the 16th century Italian maestro Paolo Veronese and the artist who perhaps best represents the French Rococo style, François Boucher.

Details of the ceiling paintings

Our Art Masters worked on site to gild the numerous volutes, rosettes and ceiling cornices present in the residence, drawing attention to the beauty of the European-inspired wall paintings depicting festive winged putti, goddesses and vestals resting on soft clouds, also painted by our team.

Our artists designed this mythological sky rich in characters down to the smallest detail, as evidenced by the meticulous work that went into painting the opulent cornucopias overflowing with all kinds of fruit, flowers, and jewellery.

The main feature is the majestic and regal aspect of one of the most symbolic animals in the history of art, the Lion, an emblem of earthly and spiritual power and strength.

Details of the ceiling paintings 

The special feature of this large residence is the presence of a private spa.

In this relaxing space, the vaulted ceiling above the underground pool needed to be completely gilded. Mariani Affreschi was able to create a colour crescendo, blending the silver leaf and gold leaf to make the light vibrate incessantly and to create unique and beautiful reflections.

The spa of the villa and the vaulted ceiling covered entirely with precious gold and silver leaf details

Our master decorators applying the gold leaf on site


An real feast for the eyes of the clients who were able to admire the harmony and textural contrast between the blue and blueish shades of the large columns and the luminescence of the precious metals.

Mariani Affreschi can set up real work sites, exporting the artistic mastery of Italian tradition wherever it is requested, to create ambitious interior décor projects of the highest quality.

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