Frescoes perfect to create a nature-inspired home

Frescoes perfect to create a nature-inspired home

How Art and Plants can interact to create a unique decor style. 

During this period of isolation caused by the current health crisis, the Home has become more than ever the place where we spend most of our time, so we at Mariani Affreschi want to offer you a very special assortment of art works.

As a location for the frescoes, we have chosen a house where the common thread that ties all the rooms together is Plants Design. The frescoes were painted on the wall and then detached and transferred onto a canvas using the Calicot method.

Starting from the living room decorated with lots of greenery, we can see how the plants beautifully interact with the Trompe L’oeil painted by our art masters in the Mariani Affreschi workshops.

The touches of red that add vibrancy to the painted vegetation are almost instinctively linked to the iridescent flowers of the Anthurium, slightly lifted from the floor by a design chair from the 70s.

The large Monstera plant alongside the sofa counterbalances the compositional harmonies of the furniture. Its huge perforated leaves direct attention to this beautiful Trompe L’oeil which will take you to an imaginative space leading to an “elsewhere” far removed from your everyday routine.


A Mariani Affreschi Trompe L’oeil dialogues harmoniously with the greenery of the living room

The kitchen also recaptures the green colour and is embellished with rippling plants such as Pothos and Sanseveria that frame the rustic solid wood panels recovered from the restauration of period furniture dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The panels have been beautifully restored and painted to become contemporary furnishing items.

These particular Mariani Affreschi décor items have been hand painted by the skilful hands of our Art Masters and are perfect to give that shabby chic and Provençal style to kitchens with an ordinary design.

The decorated panels in real solid wood give this kitchen a Provençal touch


Putti dancing amongst garlands of flowers become the fulcrum of this master bedroom, festively standing out over the wrought iron bed.

The shambolic leaves of the plants on the bedside tables, including a magenta-toned Calathea and a Boston Fern, intensify the movement of the little angels, whose size, though remarkable, no longer seems to be enough.

The fresco with Putti stands out on the wall of the master bedroom, bringing joy and lightness to the environment


The decor of the bathroom is often neglected because of the limited space and little importance that is usually given to this area of the home.

Instead, we can see how even a small bathroom with acute angles (therefore, not functional for the placement of household appliances) can completely change its appearance thanks to a beautiful Mariani Affreschi 18th-century inspired Capriccio painting and to a well-assorted mix of floor plants.

A Monstera cutting, a Fern and the exuberant Dragon Tree act as a theatrical backdrop between the bathtub and the landscape painting, favouring total relaxation during a pleasant warm bath with a truly exceptional view.

The bathroom in your home can also become a pleasure for the eyes thanks to Mariani Affreschi landscapes


We hope to have inspired you to try new décor solutions through the Art of human craftmanship that beautifully integrate and dialogue with the oldest art of them all, that created by Nature.

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