The new abstracts: contemporary paintings for a life dream

The new abstracts: contemporary paintings for a life dream

They are contemporary impressions, made of undefined colours and subjects. Abstract stories inspired by places, landscapes and the colours of Italy and the Mediterranean. They give the feeling of a fresco, even though they are paintings where the artist sometimes uses marble paste to give that sense of freshness and life.

Luce sull'acqua

Between a dream and vision, Light on the Water by the artist Ron, a tributeto the poetry of nature

A new collection of works offered by ArteMariani and curated by the American artist Ron, who has released the exclusive rights to sell these works as numbered edition artworks. A native of New York where he worked for forty years in Manhattan’s art world, Ron and his wife have been living in Italy for twenty years in his mother’s house, where he returned to find his roots.

Frammenti di idee, opera della nuova collezioni di Mariani Affreschi dell'artista Ron

Fragments of ideas, a work by the artist, Ron, from the new Mariani Affreschi collection

“These abstract works,” says the artist, “are inspired by the colours, light, and poetry of Italian cities. My inspiration comes from both natural landscapes and metropolitan spaces. I love old, weathered city walls that evoke a feeling of both the past and present.” Ron developed his art at Manhattan’s School of Visual Art, where he received his professional training and acquired most of his knowledge. He also received prestigious recognitions that allowed him to become the youngest teacher at the School of Visual Art.

I colori dei paesaggi italiani e del mediterraneo si ritrovano in quest'opera astratta, Verdi sentinelle, una nuova proposta delle collezioni Mariani

The colours of Italian and Mediterranean landscapes are found in this abstract work, “Verdi sentinelle” (Green sentries), a new painting for the Mariani collection

“We are very happy with this new artistic collaboration,” says Laura Mariani. “Ron’s works are very special and interesting and we are sure that they will be a new and fascinating artistic offering”.

Divergenze, un'opera di Ron in cui astrattismo e sperimentazione si fondono e danno vita a un lavoro intenso e contemporaneo

Divergences, a painting by Ron whose abstraction and experimentation come together to give life to an intense and contemporary work

Evocazioni impressioniste e astrattismo si ritrovano in quest'opera molto poetica, Prigioniero di un sogno, tra le nuove proposte contemporanee Mariani

This very poetic painting, “Prisoner of a Dream” evokes an impressionist and abstract style; a new contemporary work for Mariani

    Posted at 09:20h, 20 February

    Siete sempre i “NUMERI UNO” l’eleganza e la raffinatezza dei VS artisti con le loro OPERE vi favorisce sul mercato Nazionale ed Internazionale a distinguersi da quella poca concorrenza che vi circonda “BRAVI”
    un abbraccio a voi tutti e soprattutto al piccolo Lorenzo.

  • Bronwyn Bain
    Posted at 23:43h, 22 February

    I find the work fascinating and beautiful. I also studied Fresco painting at Il Laboratorio per Affresco di Lionetta. under the master Lionetto Tintori.

    Congratulations for bringing this beautiful contemporary work into the contemporary world.

    I am wondering what Ron’s surname is.

  • Marrocu Luigi
    Posted at 19:33h, 26 February

    e possibile avere dei quadri qui in Germania?


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