The versatility of Mariani’s decorations allows creating paintings and frescoes for homes of all sizes.

The ceiling of a contemporary setting can be decorated using traditional techniques, even though modern homes lack the large sizes of ancient palazzos which preserve many artistic works that are the pride and joy of our beautiful country.

Thanks to its long experience in wall decorations and interior design, Mariani Affreschi is the ideal partner for developing the project most suited to your home’s architecture.

Ceilings like skylights that look out onto dreamy exteriors

Full ceiling decoration in a modern villa

A solution that is able to properly address the lowering of ceilings in modern homes is certainly the use of gold in paintings and frescoes. This artistic technique adds brightness and sophistication to the surrounding environment, making the ceilings unexpected light points, whether in the living area, sleeping area or service area.

The ideal look is to combine gold leaf with light pastel colours representing skies and subtle figures, accompanied, if necessary, by the classic Racemo, a decorative motif consisting of acanthus vegetable shoots arranged in volutes that unravel from each other.

A golden rosette, a timeless and classic decoration

Example of gilded stuccoes which enhance the painted decoration on the ceiling

Golden vegetable decoration also in the service areas

The flight of golden angels on canvas, waiting to be applied to a ceiling

Another trick widely used to increase the perspective of the ceiling is to frame the decorations, gilded or not, with circular-shaped wall stuccoes.

These can either become the fulcrum of the decoration, expanding throughout most of the area concerned, hypnotising the eye of the observer, or can circumscribe in small round portions the figures or bucolic landscapes portrayed on the ceiling by the expert brush strokes of our team of Artists.

These small wall decorations would certainly become the focal point in confined spaces, such as the stairwell, or become a matching frame for a full-floor fresco.

A decorative ornamental rosette installed on the ceiling

Circular ceiling decoration

A painted ceiling decoration that blends perfectly with the existing décor and furnishings

Frescoes shaped like small portholes decorate a stairwell

Whatever your need, the key word is Lightness, essential to transform any home into an ethereal and airy place, where the paintings of Mariani Affreschi become beautiful skylights through which you can always “look upwards.”

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