Mariani’s contemporary spirit gives a new twist to abstract art

Mariani’s contemporary spirit gives a new twist to abstract art

The works of art proposed by Mariani Affreschi embrace even the most daring artistic styles to fit into any type of decor.


Art has no boundaries and we at Mariani Affreschi know this well.

Every artistic style has its place and the people ready to appreciate it, that’s why the versatility of our Masters of Art allows us to meet the most varied demands of our customers.

Combining modern furnishings with classical works of art is a consolidated practice in contemporary interior design, but you can also do something different by combining a traditional and refined home style with modern and bold art works or even venturing into different types of abstract and figurative diptychs.

Abstract Rendering: Painting next to a classic trompe l’oeil

Abstract art has nothing to envy when it comes to the great masters in the history of art, especially if created by professionals who have mastered the artistic techniques of the Italian tradition.

A non-figurative canvas can also make a strong visual impact, enlivening the environment and allowing the eye of the observer to trace vibrant and highly valued sensations with the imagination.

Sponging for the gilding of the canvas

Abstract work through the application of colour with a spatula

The gilding of an abstract painting, pure expressiveness

The previous video highlights the work that goes into creating an enormous canvas depicting Colour as its subject matter, measuring almost 10 square meters.

The customary tools of the trade are joined by spatulas, glitter, erasers and sponges to create games of thicknesses that will be integrated into the traditional gilding on canvas.

Abstract painting of almost 10 square meters, made to order

Our abstract paintings are examples of pure creativity that never get old, pleasant but with a strong character that knows how to integrate beautifully with the surrounding environment.

Created on canvas or using the Giclée technique, it can be framed or applied directly on the wall to become a dynamic part of your home decor.

These works can be purchased from the catalogue or made to order, fully reflecting Mariani Affreschi’s commitment to “custom-made” and customer satisfaction.

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