It is the most private room in your home, a place where you relax and spend special and intimate moments.
The bedroom is an important part of our home and the design, décor and harmony all come together to give us emotions, serenity, and comfort in our daily life.
Introducing frescoed decorations into your bedroom coordinated with the style of the surrounding space and in line with our personal tastes is the best way to create a truly captivating setting and atmosphere.
The four images shown here are some examples of the magical works created by the artists at Mariani Affreschi.
L'intervento di Mariani in una camera di una villa ad Ancona: il disegno è stato fatto su misura dagli artisti dell'azienda

Mariani’s work in the bedroom of a villa in Ancona designed by the architect Luigi Catini of Montegranaro (AP): the design was custom made by the artists of the company

First photo is situated in a prestigious villa near Ancona.

Alberto Mariani talks to us about the actual work.
“This frescoed ceiling was painted by our artists directly in the customer’s home. We created the work according to the customer’s specific requirements. The design and actual creation of the frescoes were made to measure for the customer, inspired by Tiepolo and Veronese”. The elegance and refinement of the subject matter is finished off with a gold leaf frame.

Un'altra scenografia firmata Mariani, il trompe l'oeil di un tendaggio, un affresco (400x500 cm) realizzato su richiesta per Bel Cor Interiors

Another scene by Mariani, the trompe l'oeil of curtains, a fresco (400x500 cm) created especially for Bel Cor Interiors

The fresco in the second photo is another exclusive example of Mariani’s work. It is a trompe l’oeil of curtains, a fresco measuring 400×500 cm created upon the request of Bel Cor Interiors, a leading company in the furniture industry. “On occasion of the Salone del Mobile of Milan,” explains Alberto Mariani; “the company commissioned a special fresco to act as a backdrop for this marvellous bedroom setting, a combination that fascinated many customers, especially those from abroad”.
Le splendide decorazioni di una camera di una giovane coppia italiana

The splendid decorations in the bedroom of a young Italian couple

The work created for the private home of a young couple is characterised by a completely unique and very “Italian” style. The setting was designed by the architect Alessandro Dotti.

Three types of works can be seen: hanging on the wall is the fresco “Volo d’angelo” (Flight of an Angel) from Mariani’s catalogue, created exclusively for the customer and finished in gold leaf; the half-moons on the wall show a new decoration, mainly in one colour, but with salmon-coloured details added by the Mariani artist to soften the setting; finally, the decorations on the ceiling, which are very simple and light, a part of the room that is generally “forgotten”, but that is extremely important.
All these fundamental works involve the artist’s skill in being able to interpret the setting which must blend with the personal taste of those who then can truly enjoy and “live” the evocations conveyed by the art and poetry of a fresco. M.Z.
Ecco un'altra camera da letto affrescata: si tratta di opere appese (affreschi da catalogo Mariani), una soluzione semplice e pratica con temi e soggetti che si ispirano a modelli del passato.

Another frescoed bedroom: hanging paintings (frescoes from the Mariani catalogue), a simple and practical solution with themes and subjects inspired by models of the past

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