Mariani Affreschi, a guest of Rai International

Mariani Affreschi, a guest of Rai International

Mariani Affreschi  was featured in the 4 April episode of “Community“, the RAI International programme dedicated to Italian art, culture and tradition edited by Pina Pizzitola (Rai Italia author).

Alberto Mariani – interviewed by Gloria Aura Bortolini – talks about the history of the family business through images and videos taken in the laboratory of Brescia, where the ancient art of fresco painting is kept alive every day. In fact, fresco art masters and technicians of the Mariani Affreschi Laboratory create works for customers all over the world. Each Mariani fresco carries with it the wishes expressed by the customer, becoming a one-off and customised work to add a touch of class and exclusiveness to the homes of those who want to be surrounded by art.

Fresco painting is an artistic technique that Mariani has made its own, preserving the ancient execution method and updating it according to new design trends.

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