The location is Cap Martin, a few kilometres from Montecarlo, in one of the most fascinating places in the world: the Côte d’Azur.
Here, in a splendid villa immersed in the French landscape, Mariani Affreschi and its group of artists have created beautiful artistic decorations that add value and prestige to the interiors of the home.
Ecco un affresco a soffitto, i pittori di Mariani su richiesta dei committenti hanno reso la scena più intensa

A frescoed ceiling, the Mariani painters added intensity to the scenes according to the customer’

“Our artists,” explains Alberto Mariani, “organised themselves by dividing the work according to their special skills. Some only worked on the figures and angels, while others created the rosettes in gold leaf on the ceiling which required more decorative technical skill”.

Despite the complexity of the interventions, this important work only took two months to create, and was completed within the deadline requested by the customer and according to their tastes.
“The customers,” continues Alberto Mariani, “wanted to beautify their splendid villa with scenes of a certain importance. They wanted intense subjects and portrayals with great pathos. The artists put a lot of work into painting the skies, making them dark and almost stormy, to convey the sensations and tones desired by the customer. In addition, the customer explicitly requested biblical scenes to embellish the entrance”.
Le scene degli affreschi della villa si ispirano al periodo che va dal Cinquecento al Seicento

The frescoes in the villa were inspired by scenes dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries

The paintings created in the villa embrace a period spanning from the 16th century to the 17th century and are inspired by the subjects of various artists among which Zuccari, Sebastiano Ricci, Tiepolo, Parmigianino, Carracci, Giovanni Battista Crosato.

Some specialised decorators worked on gilding most of the wooden frames present in the various rooms, which added even more prestige to the interiors, creating a captivating atmosphere to be lived intensely day after day. M.Z.

In questa immagine l'affresco che ci accoglie all'ingresso della villa

This photo shows the fresco painting that greets us at the entrance of the villa

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