In a time of constant and rapid changes, innovation is essential for artists searching for a distinctive identity. In recent years, Mariani’s search has focused on new artistic paths, introducing new interesting possibilities. ArteMariani is the latest artistic path undertaken by the company, a collection of unpublished contemporary subjects made by art masters, whose concept of artistic expression is a synthesis of beauty, originality and 2.0 technique.

Il Principe uno dei soggetti inediti più amati di ArteMariani

The Prince, one of ArteMariani’s most popular unpublished subjects

Le riproduzioni giclée Mariani sono tutte opere numerate, realizzate da un soggetto originale fatto a mano da un maestro d'arte

The Mariani Giclée reproductions are all numbered, created from an original subject hand made by an art master

The perfect word to describe these works is Giclée, a French word coined in 1991 by Jack Duganne, a serigraphic printmaker, to indicate fine art prints created with a high quality process. In fact, these high quality numbered reproductions – made by professionals who know art and the technical processes – retain the beauty of the original while giving it a new life with an innovative technology and greater accessibility.

La riproduzione giclée viene assemblata al suo telaio da uno dei tecnici Mariani

The giclée is mounted to its frame by a Mariani technician

“We have always cared about research,” commented the Mariani brothers, “ever since our father founded the company and brought the authentic fresco to the world. Our wealth of technique, history, attention to detail has allowed us to experiment with new processes without ever forgetting our origins. Our Giclée artworks are high quality artistic copies that faithfully reproduce the original colours and smallest details.” In accordance with the artist who releases his certificate of guarantee, the new works are reproduced on a prized canvas selected by Mariani after extensive research, which allows keeping the physicality of the artwork. These fine reproductions encompass all the emotions of a unique artistic expression, while adding a more contemporary “feel”.

Artisti al lavoro per la realizzazione dell'affresco autentico

Artists creating an authentic fresco

Una delle fasi di lavorazione dell'affresco autentico

A step in the creation of an authentic fresco

“These new art forms,” continued the Mariani brothers, “have proven to be popular with a varied audience. And the demand continues to increase for our authentic “Made In Italy” frescoes, designed and custom-made with new classic subjects for private homes, public places, companies in Italy and abroad”.
Two difference paths that, however, both have at their heart the love of art and beauty.


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