Portrait from a photograph?

Portrait from a photograph?

Is there a photo of yourself that you particularly like and would like to see hanging in your home just like a painting?
Mariani Affreschi can create a customised work of art just for you.
Dall'album di nozze, un ritratto per sempre

An everlasting portrait from a wedding album

The technique most requested by customers is the fresco, with all the energy of the materials and naturalness of the colours, but other techniques are also offered.
A classic oil portrait in warm, deep colours or acrylic paints, perhaps with shades of black and white and silver inserts for a contemporary setting, or even a sepia or red charcoal portrait with soft features and the feel of walking around in Piazza Navona in Rome.
Il ritratto di una donna realizzato da mariani affreschi prendendo ispirazione da una fotografia

Portrait of a woman created by Mariani Affreschi reproduced from a photograph

A portrait reproduced from a photograph is an original gift to give to a friend, a married couple, your parents, or for a baptism or important anniversary. In a nutshell, it is a unique work of art created exclusively for you by a Master of Art.
The artists at Mariani Affreschi are able to create paintings of any size.
La fotografia di una donna al mare diventa un affresco, un oggetto unico ed eterno

The photo of a girl at the beach becomes a unique and eternal fresco painting

The dimensions depend on the location of the work; a portrait may become the backdrop for a modern room, or a painting above a sofa or bed, or a small portrait can be given as a special and original party favour.
How is a portrait made without the classic “posing” of the subject?
The Mariani portraitist carefully studies the physical characteristics of the subject through one or more photos until he comes up with his own ideas for interpreting the portrait. He discusses it with the customer, clarifying any doubts right down to the smallest detail in order to ensure that the portrait is as accurate and realistic as possible. After this, the work begins and the artist proceeds to paint an exclusive and eternal fresco.
Ritratto di sposi per un capoletto esclusivo
Portrait of a bride and groom for a unique above-the-bed wall painting
Compared to the photograph, the portrait is captivating and eye-catching, the earthy colours of the fresco give life to the painting, making you feel as though you can touch that face and relive that special moment. In black and white, with sepia or coloured effect, the fresco is a special artistic decoration whose harmonious natural lands and colours capture an unforgettable moment.
Ritratto per sfondo della cameretta di una bimba

Portrait from a photograph makes a beautiful backdrop for a little girl’s room

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