They are two legends of the 20th century. Their movies moved us and touched us – just think about the dreamy atmosphere of Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the energy of Some Like It Hot. Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels and has a European heart. She is the expression of elegance and sophistication. Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles and is typically American. She is every man’s desire. One thing is certain, they made the whole world fall in love with them.
Un affresco di Audrey Hepburn di Mariani Affreschi ad Abitare il Tempo 2009

A fresco representing Audrey Hepburn, realised by Mariani Affreschi and exhibited at Abitare il Tempo 2009

That’s why many people choose to have a picture of these two immortal women in their home or office. “Fresco paintings of Marilyn or Audrey,” explains Laura Mariani, “are among the most requested and our painter is very talented in capturing their essence.”
To get an idea of how these two very desirable women are created, here is a short interview with Mariani Affreschi’s artist who creates these works.
Alcuni ritratti di Audrey e Marylin nell'allestimento di Mariani Affreschi ad Abitare il Tempo 2009

Some portraits of Audrey and Marylin in Mariani Affreschi's stand at Abitare il Tempo 2009

How do you create your portraits?
My work comes from intuition and experience. The paintings are initially formed by my personal sensitivity. Then I try to grasp the aspects which require more in-depth examination. It is a research project, which nevertheless, comes from a great passion.
Uno scatto dell'allestimento di Mariani Affreschi ad Abitare il Tempo 2009: sulla sinistra un affresco di Audrey Hepburn, sulla destra Marilyn Monroe

Mariani Affreschi at Abitare il Tempo 2009: on the left a fresco of Audrey Hepburn, on the right Marilyn Monroe

After looking at their photos, what do you do?
Yes, I first start by looking at photos, which in the case of Marilyn and Audrey are already artworks because they depict two of the most loved women of all time. Then I try to interpret the image, perhaps thinking of a particular perspective or accentuating certain details. I also study the life of the people I am going to paint.
Are you influenced by their biography?
Yes, I am. It produces new sensations. I try to think about the best colours to use, or whether the painting should be in black or white or sepia. Of course, there are portraits which are already perfect. The photo of Audrey wearing a hat with a pair of sunglasses in her mouth is already perfect and well balanced. In fact, it is one of our biggest sellers.
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