Raise your hand if you do not know the painting depicted in the photo? There is no doubt that it is perhaps the most famous paintings of all time. Then (unfortunately or fortunately) Dan Brown’s bestselling novel turned it into a major star. What is certain is that it is a brilliant piece of artwork originally painted by the one and only Leonardo Da Vinci.
L'ultima cena realizzata da un'artista di Mariani Affreschi esposta ad Abitare Il Tempo 2009

"Last Supper" realised by an artist of Mariani Affreschi and exhibited at Abitare Il Tempo 2009

“The Last Supper,” explains Laura Mariani, “is requested by customers from all social and cultural backgrounds and is one of our best selling reproductions. We have recreated it in measurements of up to 4 x 8 metres for public venues or private homes in Italy and abroad. Some people believe it is risky to put a painting like this in their home, but maybe because it is such a well-known painting, we feel that in some way it belongs to us and deep down we love it”.

The artist who created the work exhibited by Mariani Affreschi at “Abitare il Tempo” of Verona tells us about his experience.
What is the beauty of the Last Supper?
Besides the details of the face, what is really intriguing is the equilibrium of the dimensions, and the ingenious layout created by Leonardo to paint the masterpiece. Then there is the whole mystery of the symbols: Thomas’s pointing finger, Saint Peter’s knife …
What difficulties did you have in reproducing it?
The hardest aspect was reproducing the “extreme” position of the figures: the twisting of the neck, arms, all the aspects that the Master loved so much and that attest to his knowledge, not only of art, but of all sciences, including anatomy.
How many times have you reinterpreted this piece and what did you learn from it?
I have painted it more than thirty times and the fascinating aspect is that I always find something new each time.
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