It is a window from which one can look out every morning, a terrace overlooking the sea or a spectacular mountain view. A trompe l’oeil scene is timeless, and forever. It is a genre loved by everyone, which goes well in any type of setting and goes beyond the trends. It adapts to homes with a classic style, but can also add emotion to modern interiors.
Un paesaggio trompe l'oeil ambientato in esterno e realizzato da Mariani Affreschi

A trompe l'oeil scene for the outside, realised by Mariani Affreschi

Trompe-l’oeil is a French term that literally means “trick (trompe) of the eye (l’oeil)”. We are talking about landscapes and scenes made with a pictorial technique where extreme attention to detail and the prospective effects give the illusion of reality.

This type of fresco painting makes us feel as though we are in the middle of a field, inside a forest, in front of a lake and in front of whatever we can imagine. To delve into this much-loved subject matter, I have called on the sensitivity of the first lady of Mariani Affreschi, Laura Mariani.

Why are the trompe-l’oeil scenes so popular?
It is a pictorial theme that is loved and appreciated by nearly everyone. Everyone wants to look at a wall and catch a glimpse of the sky or forest. The landscape metaphorically knocks down the walls inside our home allowing us to dream and escape. It is significant that 80% of the fresco paintings exported to Japan are landscape scenes, because the homes in Japan are small and compact.
Ecco una splendida ambientazione di un affresco a paesaggio realizzato da Mariani Affreschi

A beautiful fresco landscape realised by Mariani Affreschi

What are the most popular and where are they positioned in a home?

The most popular type of scenes are the trompe l’oeil landscape painting with subtle, soft colours, a breezy sky, water from the sea and fresh flowers.

The positioning often depends on the requirement to “open up” blind walls such as the end of a corridor or the wall of an entrance or staircase.

In many cases, they are also used to decorate the doors of a wardrobe or kitchen niches or to compliment boiserie walls.

The only thing left to do, dear readers, is to experience the emotion.

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