Salone del Mobile 2016: the latest news, settings, people

Salone del Mobile 2016: the latest news, settings, people


We can say in all sincerity that the Salone del Mobile 2016 has been a big success for Mariani Affreschi. Our first participation dates back to 1964, and since then, we have made a lot of progress together.

Laura, Alberto ed Alessandro Mariani, titolari di Mariani Affreschi. L'azienda bresciana espone al Salone del Mobile dal 1964

This year, the new layout of the stand – larger than previous editions and located in full view of the main walkway – has allowed us to increase the visibility of our works and to receive positive feedback from customers and visitors from around the world.




The stand was divided into three dedicated areas to display the collections that make up our range of products.

Mariani Affreschi, our main brand, is synonymous with class, uniqueness and tradition. The classic wall frescoes and ceiling roses in gold leaf clearly demonstrates the ability to customise of our team of Art Masters, which we can guarantee to architects and interior designers. Each work is unique, and our priority is to offer works that meet the expectations of our prestigious customers. During the exhibition, two of our artists delighted visitors with a “live” performance in an area of the stand, painting a large-sized classic landscape with monochromatic colours on a pearly background.

Una sala classica all'interno dello stand di Mariani, interamente affrescata sia a parete che a soffitto

A classic room inside the Mariani stand, with frescoed walls and ceiling

Cupola con rosone in foglia oro. Il soffitto domina sulla Sala Ville Venete, una delle ambientazioni più rappresentative

Dome with a rose in gold leaf. The ceiling dominates the Ville Venete Hall, one of the most captivating settings of the fair

Dimostrazione artistica "live" nello stand di Mariani Affreschi al Salone del Mobile 2016. Un inedito paesaggio su tela è stato dipinto durante i 6 giorni di fiera

Live artistic performance in the Mariani Affreschi stand at the Salone del Mobile 2016. An original landscape painting was painted on canvas during the six days of the fair

L'esterno dello stand di Mariani Affreschi al Salone del Mobile

The outside of the Mariani Affreschi stand at the Salone del Mobile



The ArteMariani brand was created in 2011 and is inspired by modernity with a sensitive heart, in the size of the subjects, the support of the works and brand-new technical experiments. In addition to emblematic works such as “The Prince” or the “Leopard” in gold and silver leaf, we also proposed the new ranges: “Pop Faces”, “Notifiche” and “Abstracts”.

La fiera è un'importante occasione di confronto con clienti e partner. Nella foto si scorgono alcune delle opere astratte della collezione ArteMariani

The fair is an important opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with customers and partners. The photo shows some of the abstract works from the ArteMariani collection

Visi Pop, opere inedite realizzate con la tecnica dello strappo d'affresco. Stile moderno unito alla tecnica antica per un risultato davvero originale

Pop Faces, new artworks made with the fresco “strappo” technique. Modern style combined with the ancient technique for a truly original result

ArteMariani è rappresentata da un'opera simbolo, Il Principe. Nella foto è esposta al Salone del Mobile insieme ad alcuni modelli Animalier in foglia oro e argento

ArteMariani is represented by one of its most symbolic works, the Prince. The photo shows it exhibited at the Salone del Mobile together with other Animal artworks in gold and silver leaf

Notifiche, una serie di opere inedite realizzate a mano su tela in tecnica mista. Opere di forte impatto visivo per un arredamento giovane e vivace

“Notifiche”, a series of brand-new works painted by hand on canvas in mixed media. Visually compelling works for a young and vibrant decor

Leone, opera della collezione ArteMariani, realizzata su tela in foglia oro. Nell'immagine l'opera è esposta nell'Area Lounge del Gruppo Classico Italiano

Lion, an ArteMariani artwork, painted on canvas in gold leaf. The photo shows the work on display in the Lounge area of the Gruppo Classico Italiano



Le Tavole Antiche, a collection of artworks painted on antique wooden tablets. The artistic experiment goes beyond the authentic fresco, and embraces unique and prized materials, where the signs of time and nature become a living matter under the skilled hands of our artists. Alongside a dynamic collection of boards with a thousand shapes and colours, we presented a work with a unique style and new dimensions: a diptych on antique boards in unobtainable sizes, enhanced by an artistic interpretation inspired by a classic style, but modernised with pearly monochromatic contrasts on a natural base, finished with a wax polish. As expected, the work was immediately booked and purchased by a loyal Lebanese customer, and will soon be on display in one of the most elegant showrooms in Beirut.

Dittico su tavole in legno antico. Un'opera unica, realizzata su materiali di rara reperibilità. La sapienza artistica è qui espressa in una fusione di arte e materia

Diptych on antique wooden tablets. A unique artwork made on hard-to-find materials. The artistic wisdom is expressed here in a fusion of art and matter

La nuova collezione Le Tavole Antiche è stata presentata per la prima volta al Salone del Mobile 2016. Nell'immagine un momento di lavoro in fiera

The new collection of “Antique Boards” was presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile 2016. In the photo, doing business at the fair

Soffitto decorativo dipinto a mano, realizzato da Mariani Affreschi per lo stand di Fratelli Bianchini al Salone del Mobile di Milano

Decorative ceiling painted by hand, created by Mariani Affreschi for the Fratelli Bianchini stand at the Salone del Mobile of Milan


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