The Classic Contemporary home, artfully decorated

The Classic Contemporary home, artfully decorated

A minimal and geometric environment, enriched by beautiful classic frescoes

It is well known that opposites attract, and playing with this technique has become very fashionable in the field of interior design. Mariani Affreschi, with its made-to-measure workmanship carried out according to tradition, can offer a wide range of decorative elements to meet the demands of this new trend.

An example of this can be found in the exclusive location of Lake Garda, in a house furnished in Classic-Contemporary style, where pleasant contrasts and good taste give the environments an extra touch of uniqueness and intimacy.

This mix of styles can already be seen at the entrance, in the stairwell, which reciprocally enhances the decorations of the walls and floors, both in Bauhaus style, and the huge trompe l’oeil on a silver-based canvas with neoclassical references, applied directly to the wall.

Detail of a trompe l’oeil on canvas, placed directly on the wall

On the landing of the upper floor illuminated by a graceful skylight, we are welcomed by a grotesque, rich but with sober colours that stand out as if acting as a boundary between the inside and outside: an introduction to a story that guests can read in the actual domestic environments.

Grotesque, a timeless ornament

On entering the living area, we see how two apparently distant elements can interact in harmony.

An impressive wall lamp with a geometric design was placed alongside this wall decoration, which simulates a neoclassical niche inside of which was painted the recurring ornamental motif of an urn held up by a pedestal.

The furnishings are minimal and modern, the classic touch with the precious profiles of the frescoed sculpture, will take you back in time and will be perfect for creating an extremely contemporary contrast.

A fresco of a neoclassical niche with a statue inserted in a modern setting

Even the hall of a modern home, despite its small size, can acquire personality if skilfully furnished.

A Roman-inspired fresco, framed and gilded by the Art Masters of Mariani Affreschi, has been placed in this room to reflect the light and expand the spaces.

Framed and gilded fresco in a small hall

The mansard bedroom is decorated with a mix of framed frescoes that beautifully interact with the modern lines of contemporary architecture, generating new balances of forms thanks to the flexibility of our projects, tailored to each environment.

Apollo and Daphne by Bernini, redesigned in a custom-made triptych

Near the window, there is an Aphrodite with a garland of flowers that blends perfectly with the damask curtains that frame it, connecting themselves to two vases with essential shapes, placed on the floor to create different connections that make the space dynamic.

Aphrodite with a classic-inspired garland of flowers, blends perfectly with the contemporary furnishings

The contrast that emerges from this combination of styles, Contemporary and Classic, becomes an expression of the taste and personality of the hosts, creating a relaxing but modern environment, without sacrificing the warmth that only a fresco can offer.

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