An oversized, custom-made ceiling fresco in Guatemala

An oversized, custom-made ceiling fresco in Guatemala

Italian tradition travels across the ocean with Mariani Affreschi.

The fresco technique was born to decorate interiors and exteriors on site, through a team of artists working to personalise large walls with mural decorations.

The development of the Calicot technique has enabled Mariani Affreschi to accept orders from Italy and abroad. The company creates the frescoes and art works directly in its laboratories to give your home a classic and timeless look.

Preparation of the wall with a layer of plaster

Our team of artists are able to create custom-made fresco projects that can then be rolled up and shipped to the customer’s home, along with the instructions and materials needed to glue them on the designated wall.

An excellent example is this 585x230cm fresco made for an Italian family who moved to Guatemala and wanted to brighten up their home with some Rococo touches.

Application of the background colour of the fresco The completed 6-meter fresco

After agreeing on the style, subject and preparatory sketch with the customer, the fresco was custom made at a distance.

The huge fresco depicted a sky with rarefied clouds, framed by floral festoons joined together by graceful winged cherubs each holding a coat of arms with the family motto “Omnia ab lumine.”

Detail of the angels holding the customer’s coat of arms

The “strappo” (tear-off) technique makes it possible to prepare and roll up the ceiling fresco for shipping. This phase is also handled by Mariani Affreschi. 

Drying of the animal glue and “strappo” (or tearing) of the fresco using the Calicot method Washing of the torn-off fresco which is brought back to positive

Once arrived at its destination, the customer simply had to engage the services of local upholsterers and decorators to install the large fresco.

The fresco comes with a practical anchoring and assembly kit as well as instructions that clearly explain the entire gluing process, thus eliminating the costs for a team of Italian decorators to travel to the site.

Final touch-ups before shipment

The Italian fresco tradition has no boundaries; anyone anywhere can now enjoy the technique that has been the symbol of Italian art for centuries, agreeing on the sizes, style and corrections at a distance without having to worry about sending workers to the installation site.

The frescos will arrive conveniently at your home by courier, ready for application, and for creating a “Made in Italy” atmosphere in your home.

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