A journey to the 18th century with the frescoes of François Boucher

A journey to the 18th century with the frescoes of François Boucher

Today Mariani Affreschi takes you on a trip to France in discovery of the painting style and seductive works of François Boucher (1703-1770). Boucher was perhaps the most celebrated decorative artist of the 18th century and his works were extremely popular among the French aristocracy. Inspired by the elegant superficiality of French court life in the 18th century, the painter created most of his paintings using a classic style characterised by a clean and precise design, where the objective was to create a harmonious composition in perfect keeping with the Rococo style.
Stile classico e armonia delle forme contraddistinguono questo dolce affresco di putti ispirato al Boucher

Classic style and harmonious forms characterise this delightful fresco of putti inspired by Boucher

The son of a painter, Boucher began working as an engraver under Jean François Cars, learning the art of decoration. During this time, he met another well-known engraver, Jean de Julienne, who invited him to participate in the publication of paintings and drawings by Antoine Watteau. However, Boucher’s social and artistic rise began later when, after being admitted to the Academy of France in Paris, he began receiving important commissions until becoming, under the protection and with the friendship of Madame de Pompadour, the “first painter of the King”.

I putti con fiaccola su foglia oro by Mariani Affreschi

Putti with a torch on gold leaf by Mariani Affreschi

Among his most important works are two which have been beautifully interpreted in Mariani frescoes:  Venus Consoling Love and Diana Resting After her Bath.
Un soggetto amatissimo del Boucher (1703-1770), Venere consola Amore, in un affresco firmato Mariani

A subject much loved by Boucher (1703-1770), Venus Consoling Love, in a fresco by Mariani

Both frescoes are full of charm and elegance although they tell two different stories. In the first, the subject of the painting is, as shown, a sensual Venus whose face, in the original painting, was of Madame de Pompadour. The second painting has a mythological theme which is represented by the Goddess of the Hunt, Diana, who, upon being spied on by Actaeon while bathing in a river, transforms him into a deer.
Un affresco suggestivo e seducente realizzato dai Maestri d'Arte di Mariani ispirato alla Diana al bagno del Boucher

An evocative and seductive fresco created by Mariani Art Masters inspired by Boucher’s Diana Resting after her Bath

These subjects, as well as all the Mariani artworks inspired by François Boucher (like the delightful putti and decorations) are extremely tasteful and elegant, which makes them perfect for any room, from the bedroom to the living room and bathroom.
Decorazioni floreali e sognanti in un affresco Mariani che prende spunto dai "fanciulli" del Boucher

Beautiful floral decorations in a Mariani fresco inspired by Boucher’s young boys

Una scena poetica, il "Fanciullo con cane" dell'artista francese interpretata da Mariani

A poetic scene, the “Young Boy with a Dog” by the French artist, interpreted by Mariani

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