Are you looking for something new? How about a modern fresco?

Are you looking for something new? How about a modern fresco?

We said goodbye to 2010 and a new year has just begun.
What’s better than adding new life to your home by throwing out the old and making a few changes here and there with some new contemporary items full of positive energy?
To redecorate your home, why not draw inspiration from a quote by Alessandro Mendini, one of Italy’s most important designers.
The architect says, “the decor of your home becomes the theatre of your private life”.
Le movenze eleganti e sensuali della "ragazza in verde" di Tamara de Lempicka in un affresco contemporaneo firmato Mariani

The elegant and sensual gestures of the “Girl in Green” by Tamara de Lempicka in a contemporary fresco by Mariani

This idea of a theatre – a dynamic place where we can fulfil our passions through objects we like – provides the perfect premise for evocative solutions offered by contemporary furnishings, such as the Mariani frescoes shown in this page.
To keep us company is the mischievous gaze of Audrey Hepburn, who spies on us through the picture frame, or the elegant and sensual pose of one of Tamara de Lempicka’s women dressed in green, perfect for adding a touch of colour to a home in subdued colours. Black and white or sepia are the perfect colours for those who want a sober but very intense atmosphere.
Lo sguardo accattivante di una Audrey Hepburn senza tempo ci fa compagnia a casa nostra

The captivating gaze of a timeless Audrey Hepburn keeps us company

“Large paintings,” comments Alberto Mariani, “are the most requested for contemporary homes. The visual impact and impressions of a portrait hanging on a wall (or just resting against it) are very strong and a favourite with everyone, not only young people”.
Creating works with a modern and contemporary style is not new to Mariani. The company is continuing to invest in these types of products and the birth of the new “Arte Mariani” brand is tangible proof of this.
“After experimenting with the frescoed portraits of fashion and movie legends and icons, in 2010 we expanded our collection to include new subjects, such as votive masks, portraits of past condottieri, created using innovative techniques. The contemporary paintings under the new Arte Mariani brand will be presented at all trade shows for 2011”.

Appoggiato o appeso alla parete il nuovo senso contemporaneo dell'affresco

Resting or hanging, the fresco adds a new contemporary feel to your home

There’s nothing left to do but dive into a new year and start experiencing all these “state of the art” emotions. M.Z.
In una zona living raffinatissima un ritratto della mitica Audrey ci svela i segreti e la magia dell'affresco

In a refined living room, a portrait of the legendary Audrey unveils all the secrets and magic of a fresco painting

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