Mariani Affreschi was also at the MACEF of Milano.
Together with eighty or so companies, the owners of the Brescian Company found themselves in pavilion 9 for a wonderful and exclusive event called “Casa in Fiore” (the House in Bloom).
The project presented by the Classico Italiano Group of Federlegno-Arredo and coordinated by the architect, Barbara Villari, brought together all the leading companies in furnishing accessories, furniture and kitchens, as perfect testimonials of the best Italy has to offer. The new products exhibited at “Casa in Fiore” were created according to a very specific theme: spring.

Un'opera realizzata da Mariani Affreschi esposta durante "Casa in Fiore" alla fiera Macef 2010

A work by Mariani Affreschi exhibited at “Casa in Fiore” during the 2010 MACEF exhibition

“The choice of the main theme fell on spring,” explained the architect, Ms Villari, “Because it strongly evokes concepts such as rebirth, nature, freshness, optimism, which are all very topical aspects of our way of living, producing and consuming. What’s more, this theme allows us to easily exhibit a wide range of products and styles for a very eclectic home, contaminated by classic and contemporary design objects”.
Therefore, these expressions will influence furnishings for 2010. A trend fully shared by Laura Mariani who explains to us her idea of spring in the new Mariani fresco paintings. “There is the desire for freshness, for sweet and perfumed evenings, for classic products, considering everything that we have been through.
Fiori e profumo di primavera: le nuove tendenze in un affresco realizzato da Mariani

Spring flowers and perfume: the new trends in a Mariani fresco painting

Light colours, white, champagne: delicate and soft nuances, refined but never predictable. With extreme subtlety, classic objects are combined to high technology, because we cannot forget the present in which we live. The flower theme returns to our frescoes, together with the liberty style, delicate shades, white, gold, decorative elements. And so, a classic painting such as “Spring” by Botticelli is reinterpreted in a modern style and is enriched with crystal flowers, polished stones, Swarovski, a glittering of art, beauty and hope.”

There is a growing desire for optimism, basically, for looking to the future while taking into consideration the valuable heritage of the past. This desire translates itself into the artistic production of our country that is known worldwide for the talent and skill of its artisans.

Who, I truly hope, will continue to surprise us.
  • Laura Musola
    Posted at 21:55h, 02 February

    Bellissimi indiscutibilmente! Ma il mio preferito resta l’affresco eseguito nel castello di Montalfeo a Pavia nel 2003. Cordialmente Laura M.

  • Alberto
    Posted at 11:17h, 03 February

    Molte grazie dell’apprezzamento!
    Indubbiamente il lavoro di Pavia è stato uno dei più “autentici”, nel senso che la tecnica e le tematiche riprese dai nostri artisti sono state assolutamente in linea con l’epoca del castello. L’invecchiatura resa ad arte (per dare l’apparenza di un esecuzione del XIII Secolo) ha fatto il resto.
    Un cordiale saluto,

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