A garden home of your own: the best “Made In Italy” products showcased at MACEF

A garden home of your own: the best “Made In Italy” products showcased at MACEF

Walking in a meadow of leaves accompanied by the sweet notes of a piano. This journey amidst nature saw thousands of visitors flock to pavilion nine at the last MACEF in Milan. They were pleasantly surprised to find themselves inside one of the most visited international fairs surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere and many artistic inspirations created by leading Italian furniture and furnishings manufacturers. Of course, Mariani Affreschi was one of them.
Un particolare dell'allestimento Casa Giardino all'ultima edizione del Macef con un affresco ispirato alle Ninfee di Monet by Mariani Affreschi

A detail of the Casa Giardino setting at MACEF with a fresco of Monet’s Lilies by Mariani Affreschi

“We enthusiastically contributed,” explains Alberto Mariani, “to the Casa Giardino (Garden Home) project coordinated by the architect Barbara Villari for MACEF. Numerous leading Italian furniture and interior design companies – all members of FederlegnoArredo – took part in the initiative promoted by the “Classico Italiano” Group. Each company showcased their products created according to the preselected theme, which also focused on outdoor solutions. We prepared a dining room and added a touch of romanticism with two frescoes depicting Monet’s Lilies”.
La sala da pranzo della Casa Giardino al Macef con gli affreschi firmati Mariani

The dining room of the Casa Giardino at MACEF with frescoes by Mariani

Visitors has the opportunity of travelling through the alternating seasons of the Casa Giardino to find themselves in magical settings put together with great artistic care: the dining room evoked spring, summer was represented by an open-air kitchen, autumn by coloured leaves, and winter by a large pool immersed in a snow-white meadow.
Elegante, raffinata, preziosa: è la sala da pranzo dell'allestimento Casa Giardino un progetto che ha coinvolto il gruppo Classico Italiano di cui fa parte Mariani Affreschi

Elegant, refined, precious: this is the dining room of the Casa Giardino installation, a project promoted by the Italiano Classico Group of which Mariani Affreschi is a member

This project beautifully promoted the artistic excellence of each company and brought a breath of fresh air to the world of contemporary design.
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