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We at Mariani Affreschi have been working in the field of interior decoration for more than thirty years and we are reluctant to relegate the “Staircase” only to its functional dimension.

Architecturally speaking, the staircase can be defined as an element that vertically connects two floors of a building. However, if we wanted to find a solution to integrate this environment into the home where it is located, what could we do?

The solution is not obvious and, above all, there is more than one.

Trompe l’oeil on canvas,  directly installed on wall

In fact, in his treatise on architecture entitled “De re aedificatoria” (1450), Leon Battista Alberti recalled how the design and location of a staircase was of fundamental importance for the success of an architectural project. It goes without saying, therefore, that this often neglected space needs to be reconsidered and given the right value, filling the emptiness in a visually appealing way.


Staircase symmetric decorations

A window to another reality on your staircase

With the collaboration of expert Masters of Art, Mariani Affreschi offers various decorative solutions capable of bringing life to your staircase by creating the illusion of dimension and depth. The trompe l’oeil ploy of depicting sea or hilly landscapes is certainly one of them.

By combining landscape mimesis with a faithful reproduction of architectural elements such as balustrades, columns or pillars in faux marble, the narrow space of the staircase can visually break through the walls and accompany you to the upper floors, allowing yourself to be immersed in luxuriant landscapes at every step.

Grottesche, a classic decoration out of time

However, if you prefer a purely ornamental wall decoration, the Grotesques may be more to your liking, which not by chance are also found in the staircase of the historic Italian building, Palazzo Farnese Caprarola.

The wide range of images available in the Mariani Affreschi sample book will surely meet your taste, both as regards the subject-matter and the method of execution.

In fact, all the wall images in the catalogue are not only highly customisable, but can also be created on canvas, and then applied and framed directly on the wall.

In this way, the staircase can go from being an anonymous space of transit to a living and pulsating space of beauty.

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