Wallpaper seemed to have gone out of style due to the tendency toward minimalism that has emerged over the last ten years or so. However, it is now back on the interior design scene with a vengeance, thanks also to the development of the innovative giclée technique.

The exclusive nature of the Mariani wallpaper is distinguished by two important factors, which differentiate it from other wallpapers.

The subjects refer to frescoes produced by us, which cannot be found elsewhere, and where the character and freshness that distinguishes the ancient fresco technique is preserved even on paper.

The graininess of the support is combined with the graininess of the brushstrokes on a real wall, mixing unique textures that cannot be reproduced in any other way.

Fresco’s freshness on handmade painted wallpaper

The other special feature of the Mariani wallpaper is the way it is produced by our team of art masters.

With brush in hand, they go over the subject depicted, embellishing it with touches of vibrant colour and skilful gilding to give your wallpaper a unique look that cannot be found with regular wallpaper available on the market.

Going back in history, we can see how wallpaper has its origins in the concept of “hand painting” and has a very long transnational tradition, tied to the developments in paper manufacturing and developments in printing techniques.

Brush touches on our wallpaper

In fact, wallpaper was born in the 12th century when the Chinese began drawing and painting large sheets of rice paper and hanging them on their walls.

Highly prized and expensive, during the Renaissance they were imported to Europe by the emerging social elite to decorate noble homes with something exotic, which replaced the heavy and intricate medieval tapestries derived from the Arab tradition.

The union between wallpaper and printing, however, was born in Europe, but it was not until the end of the 18th century that Louis-Nicolas Rober’s machine to produce continuous lengths of paper merged with the invention of Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf’s semi-automatic wallpaper printing machine.

Colors palette for wallpaper handmade decor

The innovative quality of the Mariani wallpaper comes from the fact that it is based on two great traditions.

The tradition of hand painted wallpaper, which has become an exclusive home decor item in the western world, and the thousand-year-old fresco tradition.

“Made to measure”, light and easy to apply to the walls of your home and, more generally, used for decorating the walls of your spaces, the Mariani wallpaper goes back to the origin, combining in a single product the contemporary nature of the giclée reproduction with the pleasure and refined quality of handmade furnishings.

Our wallpaper before the installation

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