Trompe l’oeil wall decorations for a private residence in the United Arab Emirates

One of Mariani Affreschi’s main prerogatives is the ability to develop custom-made decorative projects at a distance using the most varied artistic techniques, and according to the requests and tastes of customers coming from different cultures all over the World.

Art has a universal language, just like good taste and quality: elements that are closely interlinked in order to obtain the highest aesthetic results.

A clear example of this is the beautiful building located in the United Arab Emirates, whose style is based on the refined use of gold leaf decorations that frame the large-sized trompe l’oeil paintings.


Production and execution phases of the frescoes to be shipped to the Arab Emirates 

This pair of frescoes was designed and executed in our laboratories, working closely with the customer during the development phase and making the necessary modifications to the artistic sketches in order to ensure a satisfying tout-autour.

The views chosen to decorate the interiors of the building feature neoclassical architecture enriched by rich and fantastic floral designs in beautiful harmonious colours, where the vegetation stands out on mirrors of water adorned with water lilies and the reflection of Roman columns, perhaps ruins of an ancient temple as dictated by traditional 18th century Capriccio landscapes.

Final placement of the “Capricci” inside the palace

These trompe l’oeil paintings are positioned in the highest part of the walls of the circular atrium which contains two staircases leading to the upper floors, the ideal place to view these precious paintings with all their abundant details.

The master bedrooms contain beautiful canvases representing magnificent architecture created through the skilful use of central perspective by Mariani Affresco’s Art Masters.

The master bedrooms containing the monochrome architectures, embellished with iridescent reflections

These were then subsequently applied to the wall and executed using an almost monochromatic painting technique that reveals the background of the works. This effect was created using a special procedure, typical of the Mariani Affreschi artistic productions, which allows iridescent silver and gold effects to peep through.

The works of art were created in our laboratories in Italy, before being rolled up and sent to the customer’s home. All this was made possible by the Calicot technique which allows the fresco to be detached from the wall and repositioned elsewhere, in other locations in the World, near or far.

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