Gold leaf and polychrome decorations as a fulcrum of your Home Style

Decorative finishes are important elements for interior design, which is why Mariani Affreschi provides the customer with the best tailor-made decorative solution, through gilding and colour tests, to ensure the highest compatibility between the painting, giclée print or fresco and the plaster cornices, stuccoes and mouldings that will frame them.

Colour customisations of plaster cornices












These decorative elements can be considered different types of windows, through which the observer looks at nature and the world created by the artist, architectural components born from a long tradition of craftsmanship.

Plaster cornices and mouldings have a millenary history, spanning from Hellenistic Greece to the present day, and have adapted to the various architectural styles that have followed one another through the centuries.

Wall stuccoes with customised decorations












Today’s interior design is witnessing a Baroque and Rococo revival, which goes well with the minimalist taste of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Contrary to what people may think, not many colours go well with gold and more generally metallic colours, especially if you are trying to create a stylish and elegant effect that is unique and identifiable.

Aware of this problem, the Master decorators who collaborate with Mariani Affreschi are able to skilfully combine the different shades of metallic leaves and the background of wall frames and stuccoes, so as to enhance the image of the painting or fresco, without running the risk of a clashing colour scheme.

Our Master decorators applying the gilding















We are therefore able to advise you by preparing, on request, illustrative sketches of the various design options, so as to make your idea of interior decoration visible and real, proposing the best solutions in terms of aesthetics and duration.

Of course, the decorative finishes existing inside a home do not end here, and that’s why Mariani Affreschi also provides a real home décor service tailored to meet all the needs of its customers.

For example, we create frescoes on panels to decorate doors and entrances, polychrome and gold leaf decorations of plaster stuccoes, gilding of ceiling friezes as well as decorations on aluminium panels in lift wells.

Example of gilding on the ceiling












At Mariani Affreschi we know that all the interiors and exteriors of your home can be customised, to saturate the domestic environment with a unique and refined flavour that only qualified experts can give.

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