Springtime, long sunny days, and romantic walks in the open air. Is there a better subject than the Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne to accompany us on another journey into fine fresco painting?
The original version of this very famous painting was created by the Italian painter Annibale Carracci (between 1597 and 1600) and is now preserved at Palazzo Farnese of Rome.
Un momento della lavorazione dell'opera nei laboratori di Mariani Affreschi

Working on the painting in the Mariani Affreschi laboratory

The mythological piece depicts a bridal procession in which the bride and groom, Bacchus and Ariadne, are seated in two carriages, a gold one pulled by two tigers and a silver one pulled by two rams. The bride and groom are accompanied by dancing figures carrying musical instruments, tableware and baskets of food.
The images allow you to admire the special and intense work that went into creating the painting by two Mariani Affreschi artists. “The fresco,” explains Alberto Mariani, “was ordered by a studio in Moscow for one of its wealthy private clients. It is a very large painting measuring 230cm x 420cm. The piece was painted using the fresco technique in our laboratory and then stripped off and transferred onto canvas with the Calicot technique. Therefore, it is an authentic fresco made with the age-old technique passed down through history using truly captivating colours and intense subjects.
I due artisti al lavoro nella realizzazione dell'affresco "Il trionfo di Bacco e Arianna"

The two artists working together to create the fresco “The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne "

Someone may be asking themselves, how was it possible to send this painting to the client? Alberto Mariani explains.

“The fresco was delivered without a frame, rolled up together with the special glue so that the client could have it applied to the ceiling by local artisans. The painting was much appreciated and the two artists worked together closely, each occupying themselves with their own “piece” and dividing the female and male figures for ensuring artistic homogeneity”.
L'opera finita: uno splendido lavoro realizzato con grande maestria artigianale dalla fucina di Mariani Affreschi

The finished product: a splendid work created with great handcrafted skill by talented Mariani Affreschi artists

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