Today we will talk about a truly unique decoration: the frescoed ceiling. This excellent piece of engineering, born from the collaboration between Mariani Affreschi and Bakokko Group, encompasses the artistic and technical skill of both companies.
La “finestra sul cielo” in un soffitto trompe l’oeil decorato da Mariani Affreschi, struttura in legno by Bakokko Group

“Window to the sky” in a trompe l’oeil ceiling decorated by Mariani Affreschi with wooden structure by Bakokko Group

By uniting their respective competences, Mariani and Bakokko have built these decorated ceilings, great engineering works because they are made of a curved wooden structure and handmade cornices. The products are all made to measure by Bakokko, a company that has always produced handcrafted and custom-made classic furniture. The Mariani artists can create any type of painting on these wooden ceilings, and one of the most popular is definitely the gold leaf decoration, a classic expression created by Mariani. There are also many decorations inspired by Tiepolo and Veronese or fascinating trompe l’oeil.
Un soggetto decorativo in foglia oro con struttura in legno Bakokko Group

A decoration in gold leaf with wooden structure by Bakokko Group

“Fresco decorations”, comments Alberto Mariani, “are applied directly on the structure by our artists. These creations, as well as those commissioned by our customers for their villas and locales, give us great satisfaction because they come from intense work and embrace all the beauty that a handmade work must know how to convey”.
Figure classiche, ispirate agli affreschi del Settecento, animano il soffitto decorato da Mariani

Classic figures, inspired by 18th century frescoes, enliven the ceiling decorated by Mariani

The artists of Mariani Affreschi continue their research in fresco painting, giving us new emotions and artistic expressions that come from the special style of those who create them, from their imagination and inspiration.
Un cielo di fiori in un soffitto pieno di poesia by Mariani Affreschi

A sky of flowers in a ceiling full of poetry by Mariani Affreschi

The love of art, technical and artistic skill, historical knowledge, Italian artistry. There are still (thankfully) companies who believe in “handcrafted” products and who create unique projects by continuing to develop new ideas and invest in specialised resources. What motivates them more than anything else is the passion for their craft.
All the pictures presented in this article have been kindly provided by Studio Weston. We appreciate for their kind cooperation.
La magia del soffitto decorato con foglia oro, un classico Mariani

A magical ceiling decorated with gold leaf, a Mariani classic

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