The new “Animalier” house

The new “Animalier” house

It’s no longer a novelty. Nature and the land, in all its expressions, capture the attention of each and every one of us. This may also be why the world of interior design is inspired by themes relating to nature. At the last MACEF of Milan, Assarredo (the association that represents leading Italian furniture and furnishing manufacturers) presented the “Animalier House” exhibition starring animals.
Mariani Affreschi also took part in the project by showcasing its best works at the exhibition and developing new animal themes with its artists.

Un delicato affresco firmato Mariani arreda la Casa Animalier

A delicate fresco by Mariano decorates the “Animalier” House

“It is a very popular subject,” commented Laura Mariani, “especially for those who love animals. Perhaps, it is more popular with us women, but nevertheless is also becoming a passion for men”.
Indeed, looking at the works inspired by the theme, one remains captivated by the emotions they stir, especially if the subjects are wild animals, which also evoke images of foreign lands, diversions and fantasies.
The comments made by Barbara Villari, President of Assarredo, on the theme are also interesting. “In the last year,” commented Barbara Villari, President of Furniture Accessories of Assarredo, “animals have become increasingly more used in home decor, both as coverings and fashion, where special textures, decorations and manufacturing techniques have been inspired by the coats and furs of forest-dwelling animals. Today their forms are imitated by numerous objects, in many different sizes and positions. Therefore, it was important to dedicate an exhibition to this trend which is becoming increasingly more popular in home decor”.

Lo sguardo del leopardo in un affresco firmato Mariani. Suggestioni ed emozioni nella tua casa

The eyes of the leopard in a fresco by Mariano: suggestions and emotions in your home

When a new trend establishes itself on the market, it most certainly comes from a mode connected to the condition of society at that time. Perhaps we want to dream a little, whilst keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground, attached to our beloved and precious land and its animals.
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