Some paintings leave an indelible mark in the history of art. The Kiss (1907-1908) by Gustav Klimt is without a doubt one of these. Maybe it’s the tender gestures, the harmonious colours, and original poses. What is certain is that this type of painting stirs emotions and captivates us, making us feel as though the image has always belonged to us.
Un particolare de "Il bacio" (1907-1908) in un affresco firmato Mariani

A detail of “the Kiss” (1907-1908) in a Mariani fresco

The woman abandons herself to be kissed by her man, who tenderly holds her face in his hands: a love scene that we have all experienced at least once in our lives. This familiarity brings us inside the painting and makes it universal. The special nature of this painting not only moves us each time we see it, but also means it can adapt to any type of setting: a bedroom or living room, a classic or modern home.

These pictures show the fascinating interpretation by one of Mariani’s painters who briefly tells us about how the fresco was created.

Tutta la poesia in un bacio: ecco l'affresco finito realizzato con la tecnica a strappo da un'artista di Mariani

All the poetry of a kiss: here is the finished fresco created with the strappo technique by one of Mariani’s artists

How did you approach the composition of this painting?
The technique used was the traditional “strappo” method. To embellish the work, we applied gold leaf. To apply the gold leaf, a base of red oxide must first be prepared. A mission, which is basically a gluey liquid, is then applied onto this base. The golf leaf is then applied once this mission has dried. To add value and prestige to one of my frescoes, I added a frame decorated with gold leaf. Swarovski crystals can also be added to make it even more special.
What is interesting about interpreting a work like “The Kiss”?
Love is a universal theme that captivates and fascinates everyone. Klimt succeeded in creating such an important subject matter in such an original way. Despite the rich decorative elements, the human dimension of the two people transpires, which is what affects us the most.
What difficulties did you have in creating it?
Just the fact that the painting is very famous makes the interpretation difficult because you are dealing with a real “maestro”. The facial expressions are very important, the position of the hands and fingers are a complex aspect of the composition. The most important thing is to convey the tenderness and subtleness of the gestures.

Una cornice decorata con la foglia oro impreziosisce e rende ancora più ricco l'affresco

A frame decorated with gold leaf embellishes the fresco and makes it even more special

Where can this fresco go?

In a classic bedroom or a modern living room. This painting can be placed anywhere because the geometric designs and colours allow it to adapt to any type of environment. It also makes a special gift for a couple or even the birth of a child.
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