Christmas lights have something magical about them. They bring hope and warmth to homes, bring to mind sweet thoughts, let us escape for a moment, and bring us together with our families.
Another Christmas has arrived and we would like to share it with you for a moment, looking together at those beautiful lights that light up the cities and people and make them recognise each other.
Once again this year we have tried to bring a little bit of light to our work.
The colours of the fresco painting have arrived in new homes and buildings, our artists have continued their research, creating new subjects and experimenting with innovative finishes.
We have collaborated with some new colleagues, establishing virtuous partnerships to make products together, we have continued to spread our passion abroad developing ideas, itineraries and projects to meet the new demands of contemporary living.
We have tried to make small-big things, despite the scarcity of these times and the overall distrust that is being felt everywhere.
What inspires us is the love for our work, the history that belongs to us, the tradition of a family business that we have learned from our father and that our master artists have been able to renew and modernise.
There are many challenges and goals for 2013: numerous participations in international furniture fairs, the opening of new markets and new generations. 2013 will also be an important year for us because we will celebrate 50 years of business. We look forward to sharing this important milestone with you.
As our thought and hope for the new year, we chose a quote by a British explorer and writer, which we send to you with a heartfelt embrace, wishing you a wonderful Christmas and an adventurous 2013.
Laura, Alessandro and Alberto Mariani


Christmas is not an eternal event at all, but a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s heart (Freya Stark)
Fratelli Mariani. Laura, Alessandro e Alberto

The Mariani family: Laura, Alessandro and Alberto

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