We spend half of our lives, if not more, in our workplace.
That’s why it is important, for us and for those who visit our space, to have a pleasant working environment that has been professionally decorated according to our tastes.
Today we would like to tell you about a work performed by the Mariani Affreschi artists for the Salionti Company of Vicenza. It involved decorating the company’s meeting room with an evocative and spectacular fresco. This interesting piece of work allows us to reflect upon the beauty of a fresco not only in the context of a home, but also another type of setting.
Questa prima immagine raffigura una fase dell'esecuzione degli affreschi per l'azienda Salionti direttamente nel laboratorio di Mariani Affreschi a Brescia

This first photo shows one of the phases that went into creating the frescoes for the Salionti Company directly in Mariani Affreschi’s laboratory of Brescia

“In order to be able to decorate the inside of an office,” explains Alberto Mariani, “and make it exclusive, we usually rely on large sized fresco paintings. The most common technique used is that of applying the frescoes directly onto the wall, so that it becomes an integral part of the space. In this way, the customer will not feel the need to have to remove the frescoes in the future because they consider them to be an integral part of the actual room”.
A choice of style, therefore, that can add personality to the workplace both for those who use it and those who visit it. The selection of the subject for this type of space mainly depends on the character of the location and the type of people who visit it. The specific work carried out by Mariani Affreschi for the Salionti Company involved decorating a meeting room where the owners met with their clients. Therefore, it was decided to opt for a theme based on the history of the territory where the company is based, the famous zone of the Palladian Villas of the Veneto.

I soggetti dell'affresco realizzato da Mariani Affreschi si ispirano al Tiepolo e al Veronese

The subjects of the frescoes created by Mariani Affreschi are inspired by Tiepolo and Veronese

“The artists drew inspiration from Tiepolo and Veronese, among others, who were the key elements of the artistic project because no one more than these two great artists of the past knew how to fresco the villas of the Vincenza terrritory with so much mastery. A subject in harmony with the customer’s tastes who loves landscapes and classic figurative scenes.”
Ecco una splendida immagine della sala riunioni dell'azienda Salionti affrescata con le opere di Mariani

This is a splendid photo of the meeting room of the Salionti Company decorated with the Mariani frescoes

This excellent piece of work was created in several different phases.
“The work began with the preparation of colour sketches on paper. After the customer’s approval, based on the measurements taken at the location, the frescoes were painted in our laboratory. They were then glued directly onto the walls of the meeting rooms and plaster frames were added as a final touch by the Salionti Company itself, who specialises in interior finishes.”
Il logo dell'azienda Salionti elaborato dall'artista di Mariani e realizzato ad affresco

The logo of the Salionti Company elaborated and frescoed by a Mariani artist

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