These days, the Christmas spirit is everywhere. Lights, decorations and Christmas songs in the shops, on the streets and in the homes make this time of the year magical.

You will soon start to receive letters, emails and messages with Christmas wishes from family, friends and not only.

At this time of the year, companies often wonder if it is still fashionable to send a Christmas message to their customers.

We at Mariani Affreschi believe that wishing you a Merry Christmas is not only a way to follow tradition, but also an opportunity to show you just how important you are to us.

We are who we are also because of you, to the trust you have placed in us and the opportunities you have given us.

With you, we have taken on forward-looking challenges, gildings, scaffoldings, Venetian reds and staircases decorated with trompe l’oeil, we have revisited sacred themes, painted ferocious beasts and constellations.

Our frescoes and paintings have travelled from the steppes to the desert, in cities and villages. Each has found a different location, in countries and places so different from each other.

We always have a world of projects, so in a certain way, it’s as if we have actually travelled the world.

Now it’s time for us to relax and take it easy, to enjoy our family and loved ones.

Together, we look forward to a new year, which we hope will be prosperous, peaceful and why not, full of colours!

We hope to see you in 2019,

Laura, Alberto and Alessandro Mariani

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