How many times have you wanted to renew the most intimate and private room in your home and then, perhaps, for the fear of having to “break walls and floors” decide against it?
Raffinato ed elegante ecco un esempio di un'opera realizzata da Mariani Affreschi e inserita in un bagno particolare

Stylish and elegant, this is an example of a work created by Mariani Affreschi and placed in a LineaTre bathroom

You probably did not consider a very interesting – and less invasive – solution for giving your favourite room a completely new atmosphere.
Having a fresco painting in your bathroom is a very creative idea which will renew the space of your wellbeing without structural renovations. In fact, the fresco painting can be glued directly onto the wall or placed over the old covering with the use of a suitable support.

Anche un'opera di Klimt può essere lo sfondo ideale per una doccia. La realizzazione è di Mariani Affreschi
Even a Klimt painting can be an ideal backdrop for a shower. Made by Mariani Affreschi
Various subjects can adapt themselves to this type of environment; obviously, preference is given to tasteful and light-hearted themes so as not to disturb the peacefulness of a very important time of your day.
With many years experience behind them, Mariani Affreschi proposes some very interesting solutions for decorating your bathroom. I went to talk with Alberto to understand the potentials and effects of this interesting and much loved decor possibility.
What criteria do you use to design a fresco painting for the bathroom?
It depends on the customer’s tastes and on the bathroom where it will be located. The bathroom is an extremely intimate room where anything goes, as long as the homeowner likes it.
What are the subjects best suited to this type of environment?
We prefer landscapes if the customer needs to “enlarge” a small bathroom, or figurative, very delicate themes which give grace and elegance to a very special room.

Una donna del Boldini può essere il soggetto perfetto per un ambiente bagno, by Mariani Affreschi

A Boldini woman can be the perfect subject for a bathroom (LineaTre). Made by Mariani Affreschi

Do you get many requests for this type of work?

It is still a work in progress… has only been a few months since we found a type of resin for frescoes which allows placing them in areas exposed to water, even inside the shower or at the bottom of a masonry bathtub.
This discovery has opened up totally new decorating possibilities, which in a commercial sense has allowed us to expand towards specialised retail outlets, using agents and participating in trade shows dedicated to this new sector.
Nell'immagine il rendering di un affresco realizzato da Mariani Affreschi per un centro benessere

The picture shows the rendering created by the architect Alessandro Dotti from Brescia, where a classic fresco decorates the wall of an “area of wellbeing” in a beautiful private villa

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