Mariani Affreschi is proud to present the new line of products made in its atelier: “Le Tavole Antiche“ (Antique Boards) (WATCH THE VIDEO).

These works are hand painted by Art Masters on antique wooden boards that have been recovered from old historic buildings and converted into contemporary decorative panels. The result is a blend of history, art and matter. Unique and original items to decorate even the smallest corner of a home with personality and elegance.

Una raccolta di tavole antiche dipinte dagli artisti di Mariani

A collection of antique boards painted by Mariani artists

Decorazione a mano su tavola in legno

Hand decorated wooden board

Dietro i barattoli con i colori, osserviamo l'artista mentre dipinge

Behind the cans of paint, we can see an artist painting

The process is performed entirely in Italy by skilled craftsmen. First, we select the finest wood, obtained from the ceilings of old 17th – 18th century farmhouses and buildings. Each board has been worn down and weathered by time, and is almost unusable. But where others see defects, we see the personality of a material that can come alive again through the colours and brushstrokes of an artist. A protective waxing will also offer a pleasant sensory experience.

Un mix di alcuni soggetti del nuovo catalogo di Mariani Affreschi "Le Tavole Antiche"

A mix of subjects from the new catalogue "Le Tavole Antiche"

We have created and catalogued a large collection of subjects that best interpret the roughness and irregularities of old wood, painting decorative, figurative or floral elements to suit the personal tastes of people who love their home and art. We have experimented new colour effects, overlaying pastel colours with decorative elements in gold and bronze leaf. Each work is the result of two processes: the first involves beautifully shaping a fragment of antique wood and the second, consists of enhancing it with a painting that best suits its forms.

Alcune assi di legno antico risalenti al XVII secolo sono pronte per essere restaurate

Some antique wooden planks dating back to the 17th century ready to be restored

Il restauro delle assi antiche, prima che siano dipinte dagli artisti

Restoration of an antique board before being painted by the artists

Tavole quasi completamente restaurate, in fase di asciugatura

Boards almost completely restored in the process of drying

L'artista dipinge a mano libera sulla tavola in legno antico

An artist paints freehand on an antique wooden board

“Le Tavole Antiche” is a collection of unique and certified pieces created by a team of artists and craftsmen who have been working in the Mariani Affreschi laboratory for decades. Our flexible and efficient business structure allows us to offer a wide range of models, available within fixed times and fully customisable to the customer’s needs.

Un particolare di una tavola antica dipinta a mano

Detail of a hand painted antique board

Una raccolta di tavole antiche dipinte dagli artisti di Mariani

A collection of antique boards painted by Mariani artists

11_Una raccolta di tavole antiche dipinte dagli artisti di Mariani_Mariani Affreschi-Le Tavole Antiche

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