They recount nature and its colours, they delight us each day and give the environment a warm, delicate and refined atmosphere. They are the landscapes of winter, summer and spring with the romantic shades of autumn, which in any version or format make us dream and add a special touch of contemporary and modern look to any home.
Uno splendido paesaggio firmato Mariani ambientato in un salotto

A beautiful landscape by Mariani hanging in a living room

For years, Mariani Affreschi has been dedicating itself to these much-loved subjects and its artists have created a collection specifically dedicated to this enduring theme. Drawing inspiration from the fascinating Venetian villas, from gardens and settings, an art maestro from Mariani has created a vast collection of fresco paintings, inserting colours that bring to mind white stone, rose-coloured marble, green parks and hills.

We decided to create a collection of “trompe l’oeil” frescoes,” explains Laura Mariani, “because they represent a timeless pictorial genre that creates a romantic effect in any home, adding colour, beauty and luminosity to the rooms.
Sprays of wisteria, ivy, references to old Venetian villas, romantic scenes, dream-like settings. These “touches of reality” in the form of a fresco painting decorate our homes and make them even more beautiful and interesting”.
I colori morbidi e sfumati, la luminosità dell'affresco, la magia del paesaggio realizzata da un maestro d'arte di Mariani

The soft and shaded colours, the luminosity of the fresco, the magic of the landscape created by a Mariani Master of Art

Although most painters from the 17th to 18th centuries used oil as a medium for these types of subjects, the emotions that a landscape fresco gives us is unrivalled: the lightness of the colours coming from the rapid brush strokes, the subject that is not overly defined, the atmosphere suspended between dream and reality. These technical aspects make the work more enjoyable and give us the sensation of actually being in the painting, just as if we are walking among the hills, feeling the warmth of the sun and smelling the perfume of the wind.


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