Abstract paintings for contemporary home interiors

Abstract paintings for contemporary home interiors

Mariani Affreschi and contemporary abstract art come together to decorate modern homes

During its years of activity, Mariani Affreschi has been able to build its reputation in the field of interior decoration through a contemporary reading of the international home décor trends.

Experimenting with new techniques is an essential element for creating abstract artworks that suit even the most minimalist and modern décor, providing customers with a range of artistic proposals always in step with the times.

This cycle of canvases, where colour is the protagonist, is created using a technique that perfectly combines oil painting and graffiti elements.

The colour is spread, saturated and mixed with a particular sand-based paste that adds body to the mixture. This mixture is then skilfully worked by our art masters with the use of special spatulas for Fine Arts.

Large abstract paintings, blue-green

The next phase requires a mode of reasoning very dear to sculptors who work by “subtraction.”

In fact, each stroke was obtained through a very precise operation of scraping the areas covered by the thick layer of oil colour combined with the sand-based paste.

New series of abstract paintings by Mariani Affreschi, fully customisable (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)

The lighter shades of the background are therefore the result of a subtraction of colour, while the darker shades have preserved the density of the primary application.

These works can be completely customised both in colour and size and can be adapted to the existing décor of your home.

Large abstract paintings, blue-yellow

Large abstract paintings, yellow one

They can also gracefully accompany more figurative works, as demonstrated by this dining room embellished with artistic decorations that welcome diners in an environment that unexpectedly blends the Viennese secessionism of Klimt with the purest and most informal abstract.

Klimt flanked by an abstract painting with red tones

These gestural paintings are also a great choice for apartments with a sober and masculine vibe, as they can integrate with the minimalist and vintage furnishings often found in modern living rooms.

Private apartment, Italy, abstract painting with green tones

Every room deserves to be enhanced by unique work of arts that most reflect our tastes and personality.

Mariani Affreschi will be able to accompany you in your choices and offer you the best artistic solutions for customised and personalised home interiors.

For any question and info please call 030/316096 or write to info@marianiaffreschi.com

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