They look good in a home with classic decor, but also, and above all, in a modern loft. They reflect the thoughts of the artist, his instantaneous genius, his study and research. If we look at them carefully, they can even convey great inspirations.
Ecco una perfetta mbientazione in una casa moderna di una riproduzione realizzata da Mariani Affreschi dell'Uomo Vitruviano di Leonardo

This modern home is the perfect setting for this reproduction of Leonardo’s “Vitruvius Man” created by Mariani Affreschi

“These types of paintings,” explains Alberto Mariani, “are reproductions of studies by great artists such as Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo. The interesting aspect is that they are monochromatic and therefore adapt perfectly to any type of setting. The beauty of these pieces is in their nature, they are sketches created by masters of art. There are many customers who appreciate these subjects, especially Renaissance lovers, and lovers of Leonardo, Michelangelo and many other artists whose genius is reflected in their initial sketches.”
In addition to being perfect for any type of setting, therefore, they also affect and move us by conveying “the artistic moment” in its purest form.

Uno splendido affresco di Mariani basato su una riproduzione di un soggetto di Michelangelo

A splendid fresco by Mariani based on a reproduction of one of Michelangelo’s subject

For further study of the topic, I thought it would be interesting to talk to one of the artists from Mariani Affreschi who created, among other works, a fascinating reproduction of “The Battle of Anghiari.”
Alcune "donne" di Raffaello realizzate da Mariani Affreschi

Some of Raffaello’s “women” by Mariani Affreschi

What difficulties did you face in creating the Battle of Anghiari?
First of all, it should be pointed out that Leonardo painted the original, but I based my work on a copy made by Rubens on fragments of Leonardo’s Battle that were left on a wall. Strictly speaking, the difficulty was in the actual design, in the composition of the group, in reproducing the interweaving details. The perspectives of the horses and the legs are rather forced and the hardest aspect was trying to recreate them. However, it was a very rewarding experience.

Una riproduzione realizzata da un artista di Mariani Affreschi della Battaglia di Anghiari

A reproduction of “The Battle of Anghiari” created by an artist at Mariani Affreschi

And what do you think of these “master sketches”?
They are subjects that adapt perfectly to a minimalist and modern décor. Even the fact of being a monochrome painting allows placing them anywhere, without taking anything away from the emotional aspect, which is really strong if you consider that they represent the authentic research of great masters.


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