We wish you a very merry Christmas and a 2020 full of surprises and opportunities

End-of-year greetings are not only a way to thank our admirers but often help to understand the spirit that guides a company.

The year that is coming to an end has been full of emotion, challenges and satisfactions for the Mariani Affreschi team.

We have painted some beautiful works, made to measure and on commission, which have tastefully and beautifully decorated the homes of our customers in Italy and the World.

Apollo e Dafne fresco in a private apartment

A classic sculpture as subject of a large fresco

Our artists have worked in numerous sites to create site-specific artistic projects using different painting and decorative techniques, gilding and trompe d’oeil.

Our laboratories have mixed litres of plaster and water to prepare the wall bases necessary to create “strappo” frescoes, whose workmanship is the pride and joy of Mariani Affreschi, one of the few companies in Europe able to perform and replicate this wonderful artistic technique.

However, we have not stopped at figurative art, but have also moved into the world of Abstract and Contemporary art.

Our Art Masters have meticulously hand painted huge modern works that have brightened the rooms of luxurious private apartments, blending beautifully with the minimal décor styles.


Large abstract paintings, blue-yellow

Klimt and a Mariani Affreschi abstract work

During 2019, the Mariani Affreschi Academy workshops have received a positive response.

Our Art School organises educational courses for training fresco professionals, uncovering the secrets of this ancient technique to enthusiasts who want to personally experience the excitement that goes into creating a true work of art.

Our students included girls and boys, men and women from all over Italy, who were awarded a certificate of attendance at the Mariani Affreschi Academy.

Lovers of art and frescoes have learned so much in our academy and have left us with lots of happy memories.

Mariani Affreschi Academy

We are sure that 2020 will bring new opportunities to create other great projects.

We would like to send you and your family our most sincere and warmest wishes for a festive season filled with joy and serenity.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Laura, Alberto, and Alessandro Mariani

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