Everyone knows that passions are passions. And when they involve sports, then they can become real love affairs. The love of golf is one of these. Italy has many golf lovers, both professionals and amateurs, especially since it has some beautiful golf courses.
La passione per il golf in un affresco firmato Mariani

The passion of golf in a fresco by Mariani

Mariani Affreschi has created a special new collection of golf-themed frescoes especially for lovers of the green. Not contemporary scenes, but fascinating portraits of players from the early 1920s.

“We presented the new subjects in Milan during the Salone del Mobile,” explains Alberto, “and the response was very positive. We know that there are many golf lovers and we wanted to create ad-hoc subjects that could add something special to a home, office or study. It is also an excellent idea for a special gift”.
Certainly, there is no shortage of ideas in the hothouse of Mariani’s frescoes, where numerous artists dedicate themselves with passion to create unique pieces. To learn more about this topic, I spoke to the creator of these golfing subjects.

What is the philosophy behind these frescoes?

The idea is to recapture the spirit of the 20th century illustrations and classic photographs depicting golfers dressed in Scottish attire. Scenes of the everyday life of noblemen who had parties on the threshing floor and then organised these sporting events.

Particolare di un affresco a tema golf realizzato da un artista di Mariani Affreschi

Details of a golf-themed fresco created by an artist at Mariani Affreschi

What type of technique and colours did you use to create them?

The colours are those typical of the era, such as sepia which mainly characterised illustrations of the late 19th century. The “strappo” technique was used to create the fresco, a method that, among other things, helps to give the work an aged look and a romantic flavour.
Per chi ama il golf un affresco che si ispira ai giocatori degli anni Venti realizzato da Mariani Affreschi

For golf lovers, a fresco inspired by players of the 1920s created by Mariani Affreschi

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    Posted at 01:17h, 27 April

    Ciao! Amazing – who would have thought a golf picture in Italy!

  • Leonel Carmine
    Posted at 22:18h, 12 November

    great post I’m a big golfing supporter from Holland

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