Ispirato ai canoni classici, un affresco creato dagli artisti di Mariani dona il meritato prestigio ad un antico soffitto a volta



Today we will talk about something that is very close to the hearts of architects and interior designers: ceiling decorations.

The prestige of a residence comes from attention to detail, both in the construction phase with innovative architectural designs, and in the furnishing and decoration of the interiors. While the market offers a wide range of products and solutions for some sectors (lighting, fabrics, etc.), a complete offer is missing for equally important features of the home, such as the ceiling.

Un ingresso interamente decorato in foglia oro

An entrance decorated entirely in gold leaf



A refined and carefully designed environment cannot neglect what is above our heads.

Mariani Affreschi’s team of artists and art technicians have been working in this area for years. Our frescoes and paintings not only decorate walls, but increasingly more ceilings, vaults and domes.

Depending on the structure, Mariani Affreschi offers targeted and functional solutions created in the workshop or directly in the customer’s home.

Below are some of our ceiling artworks, divided according to the technical solutions adopted.

Un artista completa il profilo dei decori in oro su un soffitto a cupola

An artist finishes off the gold decorations on a domed ceiling

In un progetto di Bakokko Group, un inedito soffitto a cupola affrescato da Mariani crea un apertura verso il cielo utilizzando i più complessi canoni della pittura trompe l’oeil

This stand by Bakokko Group has a brand-new domed ceiling frescoed by Mariani artists that creates an opening to the sky, taking full advantage of the more complex techniques of trompe l’oeil painting

La cupola affrescata di Mariani Affreschi, completata da angolari decorati in oro. La profondità dell’opera è stata ottenuta grazie al contrasto tra le figure dipinte in color pietra ed il fondo in foglia oro

A dome frescoed by Mariani Affreschi completed by angles decorated in gold. The depth was achieved through the contrast between the figures painted in stone colours and the gold leaf background



As with any work created by us, customers will be able to customise every detail of the design: from the choice of the subject to the colours.

Il bozzetto per un affresco su soffitto a volta. L’artista deve considerare la geometria dell’area curva

The sketch for a fresco on a vaulted ceiling. The artist must consider the geometry of the curve

L’opera finita: un affresco ispirato alle scienze e di imponenti dimensioni avvolge la sala biblioteca di un prestigioso ed antico palazzo siciliano

The completed work: a large fresco inspired by the sciences envelops the library of a prestigious and ancient Sicilian palazzo


Our dynamic and expert team welcomes each new, original and ambitious request with enthusiasm: our greatest passion is customer satisfaction.

Un’artista del team Mariani traccia con attenzione i decori in oro di una cupola

An artist from the Mariani team carefully traces the gold decorations of a dome

“Il giardino dentro casa”, un classico trompe l’oeil che dalle pareti sale fino al soffitto dove putti in festa volano nel cielo

“A garden inside the home,” a classic trompe l’oeil painting that rises up from the walls towards the ceiling where putti happily fly in the sky

Da un progetto di Mariani con Bakokko Group nasce questo meraviglioso soffitto dorato, assemblabile in componenti in legno

A beautiful gilded ceiling, assembled in wood components, from a project by Mariani and Bakokko Group

  • Gianni Cipolletti
    Posted at 17:01h, 08 August

    Complimenti! Siete grandi.

  • Bernadette Brabeck
    Posted at 12:31h, 23 September

    Do you also paint mountain style subjects?

  • Alberto
    Posted at 12:45h, 23 September

    Dear Bernadette,
    yes, we can paint any motif, even from customer’s request. Of course we can paint mountain style.

    At your disposal for any furthe information.

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